Zigbee smart home hub

These are die best smart home hubs and controllers based upon our testing und reviews

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The more you add smart home devices to your home, die more you"re going to need one of the best clever home hubs. A smart home hub acts together a centralized spot indigenous which you can control all von your various devices, it is in it lights, locks, garage door openers, thermostats, cameras, and more.

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More importantly, a clever home hub lets you attach all those smart home gadgets together. Zum instance, wie you lock your clever lock, a clever home hub can tell your lights zu turn off, und your thermostat kommen sie go into eco mode. It"s a an essential gadget for creating in automated smart home.

That"s nur one des the jene a good smart home hub tun können do, however some are much more capable 보다 others. That"s why we"ve experiment the clever home hubs on ns market to let sie know which zu sein best.

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What are the best clever home hubs?

For years, our favorite smart home hub has been the samsung SmartThings Hub, not deswegen much weil das the hardware, but zum Samsung"s SmartThings platform, which makes it easy zu connect Zigbee, Z-Wave, and other devices. It also has a house monitoring component, which kann sein send you bei alarm, record video, rotate on lights, pat sounds, und unlock her doors an the event des a smoke or fire alarm. And, it now works with nest products, something it"s been missing weil das years.However, samsung has discontinued making its very own hardware; us recommend the Aeotec smart Home Hub ($134, Amazon) together a an excellent alternative.

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The 4th-generation amazon Echo möchte probably appeal zu more people, together it doubles together a smart speaker. The lacks Z-Wave, but has Zigbee, Bluetooth and amazon Sidewalk. Amazon"s Alexa anwendung allows you to create routines that can activate your smart home gadgets through triggers, such as you leaving or getting here home. Alexa guard can also turn on smart home gadgets if your Echo hears a fire alarm or a home window breaking. And, because die Echo zu sein a clever speaker, you can also control your smart home devices von talking kommen sie Alexa.