Dark mode zu sein a renowned feature top top most major apps like YouTube, Facebook und more, i m sorry temporarily switches ns light facets on her device’s screen or interface from light to dark ones.

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Such aspects include the menus, app backgrounds, and rudimentary parts von the device’s operating system, even if it is it’s a smartphone, tablet computer or computer.


The hauptsächlich purpose of YouTube dark mode (or Night Mode) ist to prevent eye stress, overload especially in low-light environments, which kann mess through your night vision, or, weil das people through visual impairments related kommen sie color, die dark mode function could aid make that easier to use her device, und enhance your efficiency levels.

In this guide, we’re walking to zeigen you how zu turn on youtube dark mode zu get a dark youtube interface entirely so it’s easier to lakers at night or in low-light environments.

Difference between YouTube Dark Mode and Light Mode


YouTube has always had a white/light background, which functions best when you need brightness especially wie outdoors or in the middle von the day. Youtube dark mode, however, is more beneficial when you’re utilizing your smartphone, tablet or computer at night zu reduce eye strain as it reduces ns effort your eyes need kommen sie take jene in.

Dark mode so makes jene like images look clearer und more eye-catching, dafür you can focus far better on ns task or matte at hand.

How kommen sie Turn On youtube Dark mode On her Browser

The möglichkeit to revolve on youtube dark mode zu sein available top top all main versions of YouTube – ns website and YouTube app. That a simple setting available kommen sie all youtube users that’ll replace die default background v a dark one, to add some text colors might change to match the neu dark setting aesthetic.

You kann enable YouTube’s dark template using any web internet browser on your pc or Mac computer, even if it is it’s Microsoft Edge, google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox und others. Die instructions to do this wollen be the same regardless of the web browser or computer system you’re using.

Take die few quick steps below to switch to YouTube’s dark template on your net browser.




Next, you’ll seen a popup home window that briefly explains the YouTube Dark Theme, together with a toggle switch. Click on the switch to toggle the on und enable Dark Mode.

Note: If sie use a various web browser, die YouTube dark mode or theme may not appear because die preferences space unique to each web browser used on her computer. Zum example, allowing dark mode in Chrome will remain disabled in Firefox or Microsoft Edge, and other browsers until sie enable the on die other browsers as well.

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How to Turn On youtube Dark mode On Android

If you have the YouTube apps on your android smartphone or tablet, you can enable the Dark design template using these steps.

Open die YouTube app.
Your youtube app’s user interface on your android device should display a dark elevator once freundin enable dark mode.

Note: kommen sie go zurück to die white mode, you can use ns same steps, yet toggle ns switch zu disable dark mode.

How zu Turn On youtube Dark mode On iOS

Apple has actually its own Dark Mode setup but notfall all apps assistance it. Every parts des iOS und iPadOS assistance it, consisting of pre-installed apps, though app developers can update your apps zu leverage die setting. 

Similarly, ns built-in Invert color feature an iOS kann help world with color-related visual impairments und you can do this on your iPhone or iPad if you prefer. 

To use this function instead of Dark Mode, offen Settings on your iPhone. Go zu General > Accessibility and tap Display Accommodations. From here, madness Invert Colors and select either Smart or Classic Invert zu reverse die display colors, which will change immediately.

The YouTube app for iOS allows you zu enable and/or disable dark mode on her iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and here are the steps you can take zu achieve it.

Open the YouTube app on your iOS device und tap on your profile photo at ns upper best side of the screen.

Note: Enabling youtube dark mode on iOS ist device specific, which method that if you enable the on your iPhone, the dark theme möchte only be on your iPhone, and not throughout all your other iOS devices. You oase to allow it on every iOS maker if freundin want die dark setting appearance on your iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.

Paint it Black

YouTube Dark setting doesn’t affect how the app or website functions, or how videos play on ns platform. The a completely cosmetic change, however with included benefits together as less eye strain bei low-light environments, boosted battery life specifically on tools with OLED screens, and a cooler look contrasted to ns default white mode.

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Have freundin tried youtube dark mode? Tell us what sie think about it an the comments section below.

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