Xi jinping winnie puuh

As you may schutz heard from shows prefer South park or john Oliver, Winnie ns Pooh is banned an China since that lovable ol’ be affected by each other seems to resemble Chinese president Xi Jinping. 


Well, if anything, it’s more von a pass resemblance, but images like the one over pissed off the authoritarian Chinese leader deswegen much that actions were taken kommen sie censor that chubby little cubby all stuffed through fluff starting in 2015.

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Much like certain words schutz been prohibition online in China, so too has actually Pooh be affected by each other become die target des Chinese internet censors. Unsurprisingly, the ban just served zu bring more attention to the images, spawning also more of them. 


“He’s propagating ns issue, and frankly, i think he’s humiliated himself von being deshalb childish around it,” claims Deb Hoffmann, that holds die world record zum the largest collection von Winnie die Pooh memorabilia. “If he would’ve just let it go, the would schutz died down von now. Plus, if ns idiot knew anything, he would certainly be delighted zu be compared kommen sie Winnie the Pooh. ~ all, Winnie ns Pooh ist a an extremely good-hearted, wonderful, kind person. Being compared kommen sie Winnie the Pooh is actually quite die compliment!”

Still, exactly how prevalent this ban zu sein somewhat unclear.

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Are Chinese officials burning books von A.A. Milne and tearing die stuffing native plush Pooh dolls? ich mean, what exactly is going on over there?

One des the major nachrichten stories the brought die Pooh ban to the attention of Americans was when china decided not to screen ns 2018 film Christopher Robin, starring Ewan McGregor. While many here bei America cited China’s censorship as ns reason, china offered no official explanation. Defenders have claimed, though, that the reason weil das the omission had nothing to do with Xi Jinping: Instead, they cited ns fact that china has a limit to ns number des American films it releases — just 34 films von year — and while China’s desire zu censor Pooh may oase played a part in this, ns claim the it was due to ns limit on imported films may schutz some credibility — ~ all, Christopher Robin didn’t perform all that well together a film. Here in America, it was only ns 36th greatest grossing film of 2018, und it underperformed at the boxen office. Additionally, die previous Winnie die Pooh theatrical film — 2011’s Winnie the Pooh — so didn’t screen an China, und that was well before die controversy, and before Xi came zu power. 

Merchandise zum Christopher Robin was blieb made an China, however, deshalb it’s solid like die “ban” affects china making a buck in its factories.

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Ns same goes weil das Pooh merch not affiliated with the film — you kann buy lots des Winnie die Pooh products from China und have them shipped zu America. Even in China itself, Pooh goods is still available zum purchase: Shanghai’s Disney save — ns largest Disney Store bei the world! — has actually Pooh be afflicted with merchandise available zum sale, and features part Pooh items bei the background des this video from that opening. 

Admittedly, this video ist from 2015 — during ns early days des the Pooh debacle — dafür while ns ban could have gotten harsher since die opening, more recent instagram posts from ns store show Pooh merch is blieb for sale.