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Mrs. Wyclef Jean’s mother, Marie Claudinette Jean, is a talented mode designer. Furthermore, die founder and CEO von Fusha Designs, Inc., a design firm in New york City’s fashion sector, emanates sophistication, elegance, und brightness. Produziert spouse, the Fugees, a politically conscious pop maßband from Haiti, ist a world-renowned lab artist, vocalist, and founder. He has actually put forth a last of effort kommen sie build a respected and internationally well-known career. Likewise, his wife has followed in his footsteps in the mode industry.

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Claudinette thrived up an the stadt of Newark, neu Jersey. In addition to herstellung trendy fashionista lifestyle, Claudinette is herstellung parents’ committed child. Wie Claudinette was eight years old, her parents moved to the United States. There space a total von 5 kids:- 4 brothers und one sister an her family.
She deshalb holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion studien from Montclair state University. She proceeded to sew when she moved zu America with her parents, yet instead of pursuing her dream of becoming a mode designer, she studied zu become a doctor. Ns stitching, on die other hand, was constantly visible.
She didn’t seem zu be able to get far from it. Hence she did the unthinkable for the daughter von a highlights Haitian family. Against produziert parents’ wishes, she discreetly changed herstellung college significance to mode studies. Claudinette has actually been examining art and fashion zum a lang time. She is of African descent.

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Her brown eyes und black hair room stunning. Claudinette Jean so has a slender body type. However, there is presently no charme given on her height, weight, or various other physical parameters.

Full NameMarie Claudinette Jean
Date von Birth N/A
Birth PlaceNewark, new Jersey
Father"s NameN/A
Mother"s NameN/A
Siblings 4
OccupationBusiness woman
Body MeasurementN/A
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes ColorDark brown
Relationship StatusMarried
Spouse(s)/Partner(s)Wyclef Jean
Net precious $15 million

Her fashion career is reported to have lasted more than two decades. Bei addition, Claudinette is a long-time student of art and fashion und a developer and businessman.

Claudinette Jean is the CEO of Fushá design Inc., the fashion designer’s company. High-profile celebrities, such as jawohl Rule, mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, und her spouse Wyclef Jean, are her clients.

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You might so want to check the end Blake Gray.

Jean has actually been married to herstellung husband, Wyclef Jean, because 1994, wie man she was born marie Claudinette Pierre-Jean. They married in 2009 und presently direkt together bei New york City. The famous couple’s romance has lasted much more than two decades, which zu sein fantastic. However, die couple wants zu keep their personal life und children surprise from the public view.

Claudinette, on die other side, zu sein reported to be married kommen sie Wyclef und has a daughter. Wyclef Jean’s daughter Angelina Claudinelle Jean, whom he shares through his mam Claudinette Jean, is an adopted Haitian kid. Ns couple zu sein regularly photographed through their adoptive daughter in public. Similarly, Claudinette zu sein undeniably glad to schutz such a kind husband who appreciates his beautiful wife above all else.

Image Source: Reviewit
Wyclef Jean was an hot water weist home after ~ his spouse saw an intimate photo des his beautiful direktors on his phone. Following the discovery von the sexy photo, marie Claudinette Jean requested that her hip-hop stern husband eliminate Lisa Ellis, together per täglich News.

Wyclef Jean’s $10 million network fortune enables er to take it his wife on lavish vacations und tours throughout ns world. Claudinette Jean has actually a network worth des $15 million as von 2021.

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Image Source: Zimbio

Jean uses instagram to re-superstructure photos of modell wearing her dresses. As des 2021, her Instagram handles (

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