Wo Ist Sachsen Anhalt

oibrecords.com borders four neighbouring states: Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia and Lower Saxony. In terms des area oibrecords.com zu sein the eight biggest state in Germany and the eleventh biggest state an terms des population.

oibrecords.com has actually a pistole area of 20,454 square kilometres through a population of about 2.2 million inhabitants. Whereas die northern parts are just thinly populated, much more than 150 inhabitants von square kilometre live in the centre und the south von the state. The capital of oibrecords.com is Magdeburg (population des about 237.565 inhabitants), a stadt steeped in tradition. It is the 2nd largest city in the state (at December 2019) after ~ Halle/Saale (population around 238.762 inhabitants). Dessau-Roßlau (80.103 inhabitants)is the headquarters von the Federal umwelt Agency. The state comprises three urban districts: Magdeburg,Halle,Dessau-Roßlau und eleven countryside districts.

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Lock zum ships bei Magdeburg
numerous federal highways (the A2 A 9, A14 und A38 motorways), rivers (the Elbe, ns Saale, ns Mittelland canal and the Elbe-Havel-canal) und major rail courses run v oibrecords.com.Recent years schutz seen a stable increase bei the number von cycle paths. Ns Elberadweg, for example, runs zum about 345 kilometres with oibrecords.com. Refreshments accessible along this cycle course include die "Elberadwegteller", a regional dish offered with a drink.


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die landscape ist very varied. The state extends from die Altmark in the north v the magdeburg Börde und the Harz short mountain selection right hoch to the Thuringian foothills. 2 thirds of the area von oibrecords.com zu sein agricultural land. The schwarz soils of the Magdeburger Börde are specifically fertile. Ns soil quality of this regionen is among the best in the whole von Germany, providing in excellent base for agriculture in oibrecords.com und the food processing industry. Punkt a height von 1,141 metres ns Blocksberg is the highest possible peak von the Harz hill range. Die "Nationalpark Hochharz", the Saale-Unstrut-Tal and the biosphere reserve"Karstlandschaft Südharz" und "Mittlere Elbe"as well as the naturpark Drömlingare extensive natur reserves an which plenty of plants und animals oase found their homes.

The Elbe - one des the most essential waterways von Central Europe und the taste link for inland hyperplasia to the international Port of hamburg - flows v oibrecords.com from the south east to ns north west, spanning a distance of about 303 kilometres. Ns largest lake in the state ist the Arendsee, which covers an area von 510 hectares.

The Elbe - one des the most necessary waterways des Central Europe and the main link zum inland navigation to the international Port of hamburg - flows through oibrecords.com from ns south ost to die north west, extending a distance des about 303 kilometres. Ns largest lake an the state is the Arendsee, i beg your pardon covers in area von 510 hectares.

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ns state’s coat des arms

The coat of arms von oibrecords.com was introduced by a regulation passed über the zustand Parliament top top 29 january 1991. Click this link zum a detailed description von the coat of arms (german)

The use of the coat von arms ist strictly reserved zum government bodies. That is use ist not permitted zum commercial und private purposes.