Windows live anmelde assistent

The genuine WindowsLiveLogin.dll ist a software program component of Microsoft Account by Microsoft Corporation.

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"WindowsLiveLogin.dll" zu sein a 32-bit Microsoft web browser extension ("Browser Helper Object") zum Internet Explorer. It downloads und installs in "C:Program oibrecords.comsCommon oibrecords.comsMicrosoft SharedWindows Live", (or "Program oibrecords.coms(x86)" ~ above 64-bit systems), the first time in other words accesses a website requiring a logon that provides Microsoft Account, where one login-ID und password ist used throughout multiple websites. That installs without alerting die user due to the fact that it has globally distinctive ID"s (CLSID"s) identify it as "Safe weil das Scripting" und "Safe zum Initialization." the enables internet Explorer kommen sie interact with the Microsoft authentication server used von Microsoft Account, (formerly Windows direkte ID), and receive time-limited cookies that authorize ns user kommen sie enter ns website. It kann be deactivated bei IE"s "ToolsManage Add-ons" food selection or uninstalled via the Control Panel"s "Program Features" applet.

WindowsLiveLogin stands zum Microsoft Windows Live id Login Helper

WindowsLiveLogin.dll ist a internet browser extension weil das Internet Explorer. This add-on enables several added functions weil das Internet Explorer. You tun können disable it through die Extras food selection (key combination Alt + X) under Manage Add-ons.The complying with paragraph gives more die info about Microsoft Windows direkt ID Login Helper.

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WindowsLiveLogin.dll paper information

The procedure known together Microsoft Windows direkte ID Login Helper or Windows live ID Sign-in Assistant or Windows direkt Sign-in Assistantbelongs to software Windows live ID Sign-in Assistant or Microsoft Windows direkte Login Helper or Windows direkte Login Helper object (version 4232, 4311, 3165, 4225) or Microsoft CoReXT or Microsoft Windows direkt ID or Windows direkt ID Sign-in or visual Basic for Applications core or Windows direkt ID customer Runtimeby Microsoft (

Description: WindowsLiveLogin.dll is not essential weil das the fenstern OS and causes relatively few problems. WindowsLiveLogin.dll is located bei a subfolder von "C:Program oibrecords.comsCommon oibrecords.coms" or sometimes in a subfolder des "C:Program oibrecords.coms"—typically C:Program records (x86)Common oibrecords.comsMicrosoft SharedWindows Live or C:Program documents (x86)Common oibrecords.comsMicrosoft SharedUserName Live.Known sizes on windows 10/8/7/XP are 441,216bytes (29% von all occurrences), 439,168bytes und 13 more variants.

This .dll zu sein a internet browser Helper thing (BHO) the runs instantly every time you anfang your web browser. BHOs are notfall stopped von personal firewalls, since they space identified über the firewall together part des the internet browser itself. BHOs are regularly used by adware und spyware.IDs used by this BHO incorporate 9030D464-4C02-4ABF-8ECC-5164760863C6.The program ist not visible. WindowsLiveLogin.dll is able kommen sie change ns behavior of, or beaufsichtigt Internet Explorer. There ist no comprehensive description von this service. WindowsLiveLogin.dll is not a fenster system WindowsLiveLogin.dll zu sein digitally signed. Ns application can be removed using die Control Panel"s AddRemove programs applet.Therefore the technical security rating ist 48% dangerous, however sie should deshalb read ns user reviews.

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Uninstalling this variant:In case freundin experience problems using WindowsLiveLogin.dll, you can ask die developer, Live, for assistance, look weil das a new, improved ausführung or remove the entire regime Windows direkt Sign-in Assistant or Windows direkte Anmelde-Assistent using fenster Control Panel.

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If WindowsLiveLogin.dll zu sein located an a subfolder of the user's folder, the security rating is 39% dangerous. The size is 403,840bytes (66% des all occurrences) or 439,168bytes.The is digitally signed. There zu sein no detailed description von this service. Ns zu sein able to überwacht web browsers. The program tun können be uninstalled in the control Panel. The program zu sein not visible. Ns WindowsLiveLogin.dll zu sein not a windows system If WindowsLiveLogin.dll is located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder, ns security rating zu sein 2% dangerous. Ns size is 166,912bytes (50% des all occurrences) or 166,400bytes.The WindowsLiveLogin.dll zu sein a windows system Die program is not visible. Ns WindowsLiveLogin.dll ist a trustworthy from Microsoft.

Important: some malware camouflages itself together WindowsLiveLogin.dll, particularly wie located in the C:Windows or C:WindowsSystem32 folder. Therefore, freundin should check ns WindowsLiveLogin.dll procedure on your computer to see if it is a threat. If Microsoft Windows direkt ID Login Helper has adjusted your browser"s search engine und start page, you tun können recover her browser"s default setups as follows:

Reset default browser settings zum Internet-Explorer ▾
In internet Explorer, niederdrücken the key combination Alt + x to offen the Tools menu.Click Internet options.Click the Advanced tab.Click ns Reset... button.Enable the Delete angestellter settings option.This will reset your internet Explorer to its default settings. Your web browser will anfang with ns familiar anfang page und search engine—without popups, ads, cookies, but all internet browser add-ons room deleted too<1>.Make cleaning nach oben your browser und your computer system simpler and safer v SecurityTaskManager.
Copy chrome://settings/resetProoibrecords.comSettings into your Chrome browser"s resolve bar.Click Reset.Chrome wollen then restart with an empty anfang page and with google as die default search engine—without any popups, ads, cookies, themes or extensions<1>.If you want kommen sie re-enable part extensions, please go into chrome://extensions/ right into your Chrome browser"s attend to bar.Make cleaning hoch your browser und your computer system simpler und safer with SecurityTaskManager.

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Copy about:support right into your Firefox browser"s deal with bar.Click Refresh Firefox.Firefox now looks feuer new. Bookmarks and saved passwords room retained, yet all web browser extensions and their related säule are deleted<1>.Make cleaning up your browser und your computer simpler and safer through SecurityTaskManager.