Windows 7 live usb

By full instance, i mean a running, bootable instance, e.g. Not an installer und not ns WinPE environment. I suppose WinPE tools might be used zu create die instance, but ns running circumstances must not be WinPE.

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This environment ist rather brief lived, yet it zu sein necessary to notfall be WinPE.

A bit von background:

I"m trying zu find a method des booting full windows 7 without in internal or außen HD. Die strong preference is to boot the complete instance native a USB speed drive, yet I"m running into boot problems because des the removable media little bit (not compatible through Lexar"s BootIt).

I know this sound goofy however there"s a good reason weil das it.

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Ok, based upon all the info you"ve given:

You cannot run a "full version" of fenster 7 ~ above a DVD. 1, a complete install ist too large and, 2, a full ausführung of fenstern needs to be able to write kommen sie it"s source, and so a DVD will not work.

If it zu sein completely difficult to boot from a USB disk, and a complete install of windows 7 über DVD zu sein out, sie are viel more limited bei your options, but hinweisen least freundin now oase a better idea von what freundin can und cannot do.

There are live CD"s of Linux and Windows, but if your demands are zum .Net und Mono (a Linux-compatible implementation des .Net) will not work, then sie need Windows.

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Once again, die assumptions are:

There ist no possible way to boot to a USB drive.You require .Net and not Mono or any type of alternatives.Windows will not run together a full install indigenous a DVD, both weil das space und for needing a writable "base" media.

So the only auswahl then zu sein a direkt Windows disk v preinstalled .Net components.

If fenster XP is bei option, it ist a gewächs easier to fit onto a disk, and .Net (up to Runtime 4 i believe) möchte run top top it und can be mounted as part of the direkt disk setup. Shot PE Builder if this option will work weil das you:

I can not find bei option for fenstern 7 live that clearly states it enables .Net function. Though fenstern 7 has .Net implemented über default, deswegen unless it"s a details .Net toolset notfall included über default, sie may find it"ll arbeit without needing something special.

Here"s an additional possibility:

These room instructions on exactly how to boot from a VHD, or Virtual difficult Disk, such as the windows 8 Developer Preview. Producing a fenster 7 VHD shouldn"t be auch hard und it should work with your licensing strictures.

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If you"ve got a large enough USB drive, this might be a way around die problems booting indigenous USB. It aussehen like you could replace ns booting from USB measures with booting native a disk, und then mount ns VHD stored in the USB drive at ns appropriate point an the setup process.