Windows 7 Auf Neuen Pc Umziehen

To migrate Palm Desktop version 6.2 zu a new PC

On your neu PC:1. Download Palm Desktop ausführung 6.2.

Du schaust: Windows 7 auf neuen pc umziehen

a. Download Palm desktop 6.2b. Run ns installer. Wie asked zu choose between Complete or Custom, that best kommen sie select Complete. C. Once installation is finished, the Synchronization Setup wollen automatically launch.d. It will ask sie to nennen your device. Get in a name.e. If it asks you kommen sie choose betwee Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop, select Palm Desktop.f. Exit ns Installer and Palm Desktop.

On your alt PC:3. Locate your Palm Desktop säule folder:

Windows XP location: C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsPalm OS DesktopWindows Vista, 7, 8, und 10 location: C:UsersDocumentsPalm OS Desktop

4. Within this folder, situate these 2 items:

The users.dat fileA folder who name is some variation des your Palm username (e.g. The folder might be called "SmithJ" zum Palm user "James Smith").

5. Copy both items kommen sie a removable journey or a network ar that"s accessible zu your new computer.On your new PC:6. Place the users.dat file and the folder you found in step 4 into die Palm Desktop data folder ~ above your neu computer:

C:UsersDocumentsPalm OS Desktop

7. Offen Palm Desktop. Check to seen that your säule shows Ok. It is in sure to check Contacts, Calendar, Tasks und Notes.

If your charme is blank or missing, check the charme paths carefully zu ensure the old files room copied to your new PC.

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To migrate Palm Desktop ausführung 4 zu a neu PC

On your new computer:

install Palm desktop computer on your neu PC.a. Download Palm desktop 4.1.4 hereb. Run the installer. Wie man asked zu choose between Complete or Custom, the best zu select Complete. C. Once montage is finished, the Synchronization Setup möchte automatically launch.d. It wollen ask freundin to name your device. Go into a name.e. If the asks you kommen sie choose between Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop, choose Palm Desktop.f. Exit ns Installer and Palm Desktop.

On your old PC:2. Offen Palm Desktop und choose tools -> Options. Note the "Data directory" bezeichnen here. This is your Palm data folder.3. Open this folder using fenstern Explorer und locate these two items:

ns users.dat file A folder whose name is some variation von your Palm username (e.g. Die folder can be named "SmithJ" weil das Palm user "James Smith").

4. Copy die Users.Dat file and the Palm username folder kommen sie a removable drive or a network place that zu sein accessible top top your neu PC.On your new PC:5. Find your Palm desktop computer program folder:

For fenstern administrative users: open Palm Desktop and choose tools > Options. Your Palm data directory will be listed here.For fenster non-administrative users: C:Users*AppDataLocalVirtual StorepalmOne

6. Place die users.dat file und the folder you found in step 4 into this folder.7. Sie should now oase your Palm säule accessible ~ above your neu PC.

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If your säule is blank or missing, inspect the dünn paths carefully to ensure the alt files space copied zu your neu PC.


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