Windows 10 user name ändern

How do i change fenstern user name an CMD? ist there a straightforward way kommen sie change fenster username that shows up on ns sign-in screen? This tutorial shows freundin 6 ways zu change user account name zum local account and Microsoft account an Windows 10.

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Note: ~ changing the account name, the benennen of her user file folder (C:Usersuser_name) will remain unchanged. Kommen sie rename ns user profile, follow the method described an this article.

Method 1: readjust User Account nennen from regulate Panel

Next, click on die “Manage another account” link.

Click the local account you want to change the benennen of.
Click the “Change ns account name” link.
Type in your new account name and click ~ above Change Name button.
Method 2: readjust User Account Name weil das Microsoft Account

If you’re utilizing Microsoft account weil das logging into fenster 10, freundin need to change her account nennen online. Just follow die steps below.

Select the Your info food selection on die navigation riegel at the top, und then click ns Edit name link under your account name.

Type a new first name und Last name, then click on Save.

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The following time sie sign into windows 10, you should lakers the neu account benennen shown on die login screen. If the new username ist not synced to your computer, try zu switch her Microsoft account to a regional account, and then switch it back.

Method 3: change User Account nennen with regional Users und Groups Snap-In

Expand “Local User and Groups” und select Users in the left pane. Next, right-click on die local account zum which freundin want zu change ns username, and select Rename from the popup menu.

Enter your preferred username und press Enter.Method 4: change User Account name Using netplwiz

Press the windows key + R and then type netplwiz bei the run dialog box. Click OK.

In ns User Accounts window that appears, make sure die “Users must get in a user name und password zu enter this computer” option is checked. Select the local account for which you want kommen sie change die username and click on die Properties button.
In ns General tab, type in the neu username zum the account then click OK.
Method 5: adjust User Account benennen from Command Prompt

When you’re done, reboot Windows und you kann log an with the neu username und old password.

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Method 6: readjust User Account name from windows PowerShell

Close ns PowerShell console und reboot her PC kommen sie apply the changes.

That’s it!