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Du schaust: Windows 10 update von windows 7

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Jan 15, 2020, 6:40 in EST| 2 min read

Windows 7 zu sein dead, but freundin don’t schutz to pay to upgrade to windows 10. Microsoft has quietly continued die free upgrade offer zum the last few years. Sie can ausblüten upgrade any type of PC through a genuine fenster 7 or fenster 8 license to windows 10.

How the Free update Works

Assuming you’re using a fenstern PC v a genuine and activated fenster 7 (or fenster 8) key, you can upgrade to fenstern 10 an just a couple of clicks. Her PC wollen get a genuine, activated fenstern 10 key—just prefer it functioned during fenstern 10’s zuerst year when ns free update offer was officially gift advertised.

You can also upgrade a PC über doing a fresh install of windows 10, even if the doesn’t schutz any operating system installed. Sie just have to administer a valid fenster 7 (or fenster 8) key.

There’s no insurance this möchte work forever, yet it ausblüten worked on januar 14, 2020. Microsoft may one work pull the plug and cut off new upgrades. But, zum now, sie can blieb upgrade. And, after freundin do upgrade, your computer gets a valid fenstern 10 crucial that will keep working—even if Microsoft stop allowing new upgrades in the future.

Update: klasse that us can’t speak zu the business licensing side of things here. If sie have windows 7 PCs an your business, Microsoft may not consider freundin compliant with the terms von its licensing commitment after making use of this method zu upgrade your business PCs. Us wouldn’t worry around it weil das home PCs, but organizations need to likely contact their Microsoft license partner zum more details.

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Back up Before Upgrading

Before you get started, we recommend you back up your files. Die upgrade process shouldn’t erase your papers unless sie choose zu erase them, yet it’s constantly a great idea to schutz a present backup—especially wie you’re performing a major operating system upgrade.


We also encourage you to find your fenstern 7 (or fenster 8) key, just in case freundin need it. This vital may be printed on a sticker on her PC’s instance or on your laptop. If you installed windows 7 or fenster 8 yourself, you’ll want zu find die license key you purchased.

If your computer doesn’t oase a sticker, you kann sein always usage a tool like NirSoft’s ProduKey zu find the license crucial currently an use on your PC.

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How zu Upgrade to windows 10 zum Free

To acquire your cost-free upgrade, head zu Microsoft’s Download fenster 10 website. Click die “Download device now” button and download die .exe file. Operation it, click through ns tool, and select “Upgrade this pc now” wie prompted.

Yes, it’s that simple. We’re notfall doing anything sneaky here—Microsoft ist choosing kommen sie let human being upgrade via the tool.


If freundin prefer a clean install, you tun können select “Create passend zu media” and then provide a valid fenstern 7 or 8 crucial while installing fenstern 10.

After die Upgrade

During die upgrade process, you tun können choose whether freundin want to keep all die files on your system or anfang fresh.


Once it’s installed, you kann sein head to die Settings > upgrade & security > Activation screen. You’ll lakers that her system is “activated v a digital license.”

If you sign an to windows 10 through a Microsoft account, the license will be linked kommen sie your Microsoft account, do it even easier to reactivate windows 10 on your computer if you ever need kommen sie install it.


And yes, sie should it is in able to perform a clean download of fenster 10 in the future. Fenstern 10 activation will then “phone home,” notification that your hardware configuration has actually a valid patent on file, and automatically activate itself.

If you have a windows 7 system, that really ist a good idea kommen sie upgrade. If you don’t want zu use fenster 10, consider installing Linux, gaining a Chromebook, or switching zu Mac. You don’t schutz to use fenstern 10, but we think freundin should relocate on from fenstern 7.

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We’ve been testing this out zum years, und other sites choose PCWorld, ZDNet, die Verge, und Bleeping Computer have recently proved this an approach as well.

Chris HoffmanChris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief des How-To Geek. He"s written about technology for over a decade und was a PCWorld columnist zum two years. Chris has actually written zum The neu York Times, to be interviewed together a technology experte on TV stations choose Miami"s NBC 6, und had his arbeiten covered über news outlets like the BBC. Due to the fact that 2011, Chris has actually written over 2,000 write-ups that schutz been read nearly one exchange rate times---and that"s nur here weist How-To Geek. Read complete Bio »