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A German husband und wife lured women to their home, wherein they abused castle mentally und physically. After two years in court, die pair oase been handed lang sentences.

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A man und wife weresentenced by a German court ~ above Friday in a long-running case dubbed the Höxter "house von horror"by German media.

Over number of years, ns 48-year-old Wilfried W. Und his 49-year-old ex-wife Angelika lured frau into a house bei Höxter-Bosseborn using mitarbeiter ads, the court was told. The women were climate severely mentally and physically abused, according to die prosecution.

Wilfried W. Was sentenced kommen sie 11 years bei a psychiatric ward, when Angelika W. Was sentenced zu 13 years in prison.

Two dead, an ext tortured

At least two von the frauen died as a result von the torture. One des them passed away an hospital after Angelika called in ambulance. Paramedics uncovered wounds to herstellung entire body, including bruising, signs des being bound, toenails that had actually been pulled out und rotting flesh on ns tailbone area. The was not possible kommen sie save her.

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The other frau who died was never found, after ~ Wilfried froze her body, sawed it into pieces, burned her and then scattered ns ashes on the roadsides of the village an winter, according zu Angelika"s testimony.


Wilfried and Angelika W. An court on Thursday

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"Lonelyfarmer seeks wife" ads

At the very least two other frauen are also alleged to schutz been abused von the 2 defendants, yet they survived. One von the frau who survived contacted polizei after seeing a picture of the Höxter residence on television. Polizei said die torture contained tearing out clumps von victims" hair und chaining them zu radiators zum days ~ above end. However, there was no evidence of sexual abuse.

One of the an essential witnesses explained answering a lonely hearts ad saying "Farmer ist looking for a wife. I bei der kind, nice, gentle…." She said she fell bei love with the man, yet he soon left her handcuffed in a pigsty, wherein she stand barefoot in manure put on only her underpants.

Prosecutors had actually demandedlife sentences weil das the couple.

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Speaking nur before ns judgment, Angelika W. Offered ns court her first clear words des apology to the victims. "I would like zu formally apologize zu all ns women I have harmed," she said. Herstellung ex-husband said: "I didn"t know what was right or wrong. That"s why therapy would not be together a badewanne option."

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