1 October 2021 2021 bundestag Election: one bei three human being with a migrant background was entitled to vote

in 2020, 21.9 million human being had a migrant background, representing 26.7% of the population in Germany. Based on dünn of die 2020 microcensus, ns Federal statistics Office (oibrecords.com) reports that about 7.9 million des those human being were entitled zu vote in the bundestag election ~ above 26 september 2021. This is about one dritter (36%) of all human being with a migrant background and 13% des all persons entitled to vote. According to the definieren used here, a person has a migrant background if that or she or at least one parent did not acquire German citizenship über birth.


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28 July 2020 population with a migrant background up 2.1% an 2019: shortest increase due to the fact that 2011


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Population von sex, migrant status and age

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Age structure von people seeking protection

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