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Losing weight zu sein like a sale. You oase to gain it every out prior to you kann put top top the new collection. That doesn’t just mean die fat from the fat cells. If freundin want zu lose load successfully and stay lean, everything has zu come out des your intestines, what has gathered there and is superfluous. On the other hand scientists have found out that die composition des the intestinal flora plays an important role in losing weight, due to the fact that it differs betwee normal and overweight people. Those that tend to lose load probably schutz too many of the so-called Firmicutes bacteria an their intestines. They are really diligent in the utilization von food. Unfortunately a bit too busy, since they get more caloriesout des your food than freundin would like. And that appears then as hip gold.

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Are her bacteria taking it auch well v you?

Firmicutes make sure that freundin don’t starve kommen sie death in hard times von getting whatever out des the the smallest shred des food. This way, you consume around ten percent more caloriesthan the amount von food sie actually eat. Thousands des years ago this made perfect sense, but in Europe and the vereinigte staaten we have more than sufficient food nowadays. Firmicutes liebe fat and sugar. If sie eat too plenty of sweetened und fatty foods, then freundin feed your wenig fattening bacteria at die same time. The an ext body weight, ns more firmicutes room found in the intestinal flora, weist least that was observed an mice. It zu sein strongly assumed the it is quite similar an humans. Und that bei turn argues that firmicutes median well through you, however well meant ist not constantly good. With bei intestinal cleansing sie normalize your intestinal flora. This also has in effect on ns number von Firmicutes.


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Start die slimming program in your intestinal flora

Where die Firmicutes feeling comfortable, there are auch few bacteria from ns strain Bacteroidetes. Zum example, castle cannot usage fat together well and pass it conveniently through the intestines instead of storing it an your fat cells. Normally both strains, Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes, need to be present an your minister flora in a ratio of 1:1. However, Firmicutes main point if freundin eat too many sweets or fast food too often. Ns can also be genetically determined that the fattening bacteria feel specifically good an your intestines. Yet you tun können reprogram your intestinal flora. Zum this purpose, it is worthwhile to restart the with the help of bei intestinal cleansing. So you erste throw out des the intestine whatever that has collected over the years.

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The classic method of intestinal cleansing ist enemas, but it ist easier und even much more effective. Flea particle husks, flax seeds and chia seed are great fibresthat swell when moist. On die one hand, you wollen stay complete longer, on ns other hand, these seeds schutz the property to take every little thing out of the intestines the does notfall belong there. When they press themselves an extremely slowly v your intestine und stimulate the intestinal movement, they collection leftover food and deposits. Later everything come out with your bowel movement and then goodbye.

Unfortunately, this does notfall work overnight. Her bowels need a couple of weeks to adjust. Offer it this time as well as great food like die mentioned ones, which are accessible as flour or capsules. Linseed and chia seeds are also little marvels und taste great in yoghurt or muesli through milk.

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Bacteroidetes liebe fiber. These are ns fibres native plants and so-called prebiotics. You tun können find them in, among other things, legumes, parsnips, schwarze farbe salsify, endive salad und leek. If vegetables, fruit und cereals are on regular basis on your menu, die bacteriodetes möchte multiply, firmicutes möchte become fewer and you will lose weight more easily. You kann sein find the end whether this is really due to your intestinal flora with in intestinal analysis. With die self-test weil das home useyou can easily take a stool sample and send it kommen sie our laboratory. Her intestinal flora ist then analysed. You will then get your results online – including information about ns ratio des Firmicutes and Bacteriodetes bei your intestine. Und then sie say goodbye to ns superfluous fat – no more seen you soon!


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