lena hat gewonnen

German singer Lena won ns Eurovision Songcontest (#esc) 2010 in Oslo, Norway through the song "Satellite", receiving 246 points bei the final on 29 May.

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Eurovision Songcontest took ar on 29th des May, 2010, and Lena won.

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eurovision songcontest

Equally the best und most cheesy annual lied competiton, betwee the countries von Europe, hosted bei the winning nation from die previous year. The UK will almost always come last. I"m yet kommen sie decide even if it is this is a good or bad thing.

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sind lena

Lena Meyer-Landrut won die eurovision das lied contest for germany. "Sind" supposedly translates as "are", so "are lena", or much more likely, our Lena.

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Jos luis Uribarri commented the Eurovision lied Contest if it was been shown bei Spain, und managed kommen sie guess virtually all von the votes! He zu sein now considered some kind of God.

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Today (May 29th) is the grand dauern of the Eurovision song Contest 2010, broadcast live from Oslo. 25 das lied from 25 different countires are competing against eachother.

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Schlag ns Raab, TV show an Germany (UK: Beat die Star). A candidate who tun können beat stefan Raab in a number des disciplines (sports, puzzles, ...) wins the jackpot (currently 3.5 Million Euro).

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Unser song fr Deutschland, ProSieben. Das wird das Song gesucht, mit kommen sie "Lena" beim ESC 2011 in Dsseldorf antritt.

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Lena Meyer-Landrut won the Eurovision lied Contest 2010 zum Germany last night.

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tv nur "germanys following topmodel" starts today, third march 2010.

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