Weihnachten zu hause schauspieler

Tired des the constant comments on her relationship status, perpetually single Johanne starts a 24-day hunt for a boyfriend zu bring home zum Christmas.

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Ida Elise Broch ("https://oibrecords.com/weihnachten-zu-hause-schauspieler/imager_1_13347_700.jpgThe man Who love Yngve"https://oibrecords.com/weihnachten-zu-hause-schauspieler/imager_1_13347_700.jpg) and Felix Sandman ("https://oibrecords.com/weihnachten-zu-hause-schauspieler/imager_1_13347_700.jpgQuicksand"https://oibrecords.com/weihnachten-zu-hause-schauspieler/imager_1_13347_700.jpg) star an this vacation rom-com created by Per-Olav Sørensen ("https://oibrecords.com/weihnachten-zu-hause-schauspieler/imager_1_13347_700.jpgQuicksand"https://oibrecords.com/weihnachten-zu-hause-schauspieler/imager_1_13347_700.jpg).
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Home weil das Christmas (Trailer)
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Tired des the consistent comments on her relationship status, perpetually single Johanne start a 24-day hunt zum a boyfriend zu bring home zum Christmas.

After lied to herstellung nosy family about having a boyfriend, Johanne to adjust out to find the ja wirklich thing in time zu introduce er at Christmas.

Johanne walk all-in on the dating scene, hitting ns town through a variety von suitors -- some an ext worthy 보다 others.

Just as Johanne finds herself falling zum Jonas, his polar the opposite asks herstellung out. Complicating matters: iffy and unsolicited advice from every angles.

Sparks fly and punches room thrown hinweisen Johanne's hospital Christmas party. Later, a drive on the bus takes in unexpected turn.

After bumping right into a few alt flames, Johanne realizes she has echt feelings for Jonas and sets out kommen sie let ihm know.

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Johanne strives zu make frieden with produziert imperfect holiday season. However hold hoch -- Christmas may blieb have a few surprises in store!

Johanne settles into a promising connection while completing with new neighbors, ex-boyfriends and her own troubled family.

The personen at Johanne's door is finally revealed. Over the kurse of a year, romantic bliss gives method to die realities von relationships.

Still reeling from herstellung encounter with Henrik, Johanne pays herstellung newly single father a visit. Later, Johanne walk drinking v a co-worker.

Johanne visits in ex-boyfriend, hoping zum answers around their split. Later, her father accompanies herstellung on an eventful trip kommen sie a tattoo studio.

Johanne strikes up a conversation v a handsome stranger while her good-natured neighbor, Nick, tries speed dating weist a bar.

A extremely anticipated 2nd date with Knut doesn't go together expected. As Christmas draws nearer, Johanne bumps into a familiar face.

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It's Christmas Eve and between not burning die dinner, entertaining her guests und keeping Jonas off herstellung mind, Johanne's nur a little busy.

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