Was Ist Alexa Echo

(oibrecords.com) - The amazon Echois one von a range von hands-free speakers and devices from amazonas that tun können be controlled with her voice. Ns voice-controlled "personal assistant" on this devices ist called Alexa, which möchte perform various tasks for you und control assorted systems.

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In this feature, we"ll define what Echo is und what Alexa kann do.

As well as being easily accessible on Echo gadgets from amazon directly, Alexa zu sein available top top a lot of third-party gadgets like speaker or TVs and also through the Alexa app on phones. Alexa is deshalb available in some car and an some wearables.

What gadgets offer Alexa?

There room two sides to this inquiry - tools that work with Alexa (such as Philips Hue) - und devices that offer amazon Voice Services, which is the platform that runs Alexa.

First und foremost, Alexa ist designed roughly Amazon"s own Echo devices. The amazonas Echo range includes the standard Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, andEcho Dot,which space all speakers, and then theEcho Show, Echo nur 5, Echo nur 8, and theEcho Spot, which so feature a display, so kann sein give you visual feedback, prefer weather widgets, videos or lied lyrics. There are several amazonas Alexa gadgets auch though, like ns Echo wall surface Clock and Echo Flex clever plugfor example.


The cheapest Echo device zu sein the Echo Dot, which ist a good starting point weil das building an Echo system and getting started. You kann see all ns Echo devices contrasted right here.

There room plenty von other gadgets that sell Alexa voice control, such together theSonos One, Sonos Move, Sonos Roam, Bose house Speaker 500 or Polk Command Bar. You tun können see a range des Echo choices here that offer Alexa too.

All these gadgets feature far-field microphones that kann pick the end your voice through background noise und are waiting to take your command wie they hear ns Alexa wake up word. Once sie say this, Alexa will swing into action and respond to your commands. But what kann Alexa in reality do?

What kann sein Alexa do?

Alexa is able zu play music, administer information, supply news und sports scores, tell you ns weather, regulate your smart home und even allow prime members to order commodities from Amazon. Alexa sits bei the cloud, widening the information offered all die time und refining die responses to give you more accurate information. No matt what Alexa device sie ask, all kann return these sorts of answers, be the on her soundbar or in your car.

One of the core functions is playing music and Alexa kann sein draw many sources. Amazonas Music ist supported, des course, but beyond that, there"s support zum many more dienstleistungen like Spotify, Deezer, apfel Music, TuneIn and also apps from individual providers, like the BBC.

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The Echo devices with a screen can so return visual information, extending past widgets to nachrichten videos, recipes or games. On die display-equipped devices - Echo Show and Echo clues - you can deshalb use touch controls zu respond, weil das example, to control clever home devices.

Alexa can so tap into die info from various other devices and services von using an abilities (which are like apps), deshalb will it is in able to give you specific info about her car, your recent weigh-in or kommen sie find your Tile.



What around Alexa an the smart home?

Smart home manage has emerged into one des the most significant areas des Alexa"s influence. It"s no longer just about asking weil das the weather and playing music with fancy voice control - it"s also about connecting to and controlling various other devices an your home.

You tun können view your ring Video Doorbell on her Echo Show, zum example, together you kann sein with Arlo cameras. You kann connect Alexa kommen sie your Philips Hue or other lightbulbs, favor Ikea, zu turn castle on or off through voice, or verknüpfung to her heating controls dafür you can check and change die temperature in your house.

In this sense, Alexa zu sein a great clever home controller - und once linked zu Alexa, kann sein be accessed through anything that supports Alexa voice commands.

Some Echo tools take this a step additional offering Zigbee support, which wollen allow you to directly connect and setup clever home devices without needing a separate app or hub weil das that device. Zum example, you can buy a single Philips Hue bulb und set it trost with your Echo to add second-gen or Echo Studio, without needing a Hue Hub.

What tun können you questioning Alexa?

There are plenty des things you tun können ask Alexa to do. Skills in the Alexa app enable you to customise your Echo an equipment with capabilities kommen sie suit her preferences.

There are severalskill category within die Skills section von the app, including linked Car, Food & Drink, take trip & Transportation, Music &Audio, smart Home, and plenty more. Kommen sie get started, freundin just oase to tap permit Skill wie man you"ve discovered one that ist suited kommen sie you - or you can ask Alexa kommen sie enable skills via voice.

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Some wollen require you to link to an existing account or separate subscription kommen sie use. Weil das example, kommen sie use Uber through Alexa, you"ll need to oase signed into your Uber account within die Skills section des the Alexa app.

Here are nur a couple of examples von what you can ask Alexa to do, however we have a entirety separate function you kann sein read on that too: