gwdg.de. Kai Ambos has actually presented the taste arguments des this article an various fora, inter alia, bei the legislation Faculty von the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil, on 9 ehrenvoll 2011 and in the international Law gericht of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, ~ above 3 januar 2012. He thanks especially the participants of the last meeting for their critical und useful comments. He also thanks ns Institute weil das Advanced Studies of the Hebrew universität since this article was finished throughout his continue to be as hohes level research other there in the winter of 2011–12. Both writer thank ns anonymous reviewers von the israel Law Review zum their really helpful comments.

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The killing von Osama bin Laden von US Special forces on 2 might 2011 raises several concerns of international law with regard to die legality von this specific operation und the permissibility von targeted killings of international terrorists an general. In this write-up it will be argued, top top the basis of bei analysis des the applicable international law, that the killing of zu sein Laden can not be justification under international humanitarian law because there zu sein no equipped conflict bolzen the blume States und Al Qaeda. Even if one were kommen sie assume die existence von such an armed conflict, bin Laden"s killing would certainly only oase been lawful if Al Qaeda were to be considered bei organised armed group within die meaning of international humanitarian law and bin tonnage could schutz been killed qua membership of this group. Otherwise, his killing might only schutz been lawful if he was (still) acquisition a straight part in hostilities. An any case, an the lack of bei armed conflict, under the applicable legit regime von peacetime, die killing might only be justified bei a situation of self-defence or an immediate danger zum others. Together this situation apparently did notfall exist, the killing of bin Laden amounted to in extrajudicial execution. On another note, ns operation may deshalb have violated international law von failing kommen sie respect Pakistan"s ar sovereignty. Ultimately, this counts on die recognition of a (pre-emptive) right kommen sie self-defence under write-up 51 of the UN Charter, in particular taking right into account ns immediacy criterion.