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A fatal accident occurs off-screen, leaving household members with bloody clothes; boy dies in hospital bed; part fist fighting and drunken behaviors.

Parents need kommen sie know the this film includes frequent images of drug use und drunkenness, as johnny Cash was a famously driven, dissatisfied man, as well as a brilliant artist. The film concerns his partnership with his mam June Carter, which involves both divorcing other spouses and tensions as she helps him fight his addictions. Ns film so features constant cursing, drinking, and smoking, as well as fights betwee father und son. A boy zu sein killed off-screen in a circle-saw accident. There is a brief sex scene and some adulterous behavior.

Just a constant biopic of johnny Cash add to his wife, both now resting in peace. Bei some parts, this might bore the younger teens und kids. You have to pay really g... Proceed reading
...for adults und teens. No children on this one, period. However, weil das mature audiences, WALK ns LINE is bei intelligent, entertaining, und ultimately uplifting m... Proceed reading
This ist my favourite movie von all time! This used zu be my favorite movie when ich was sechs years alt when it came out. Its an amazing, inspiring und beautiful movi... Proceed reading

WALK ns LINE tells die life story of johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) together he tries zu please his disparaging father beam (Robert Patrick), and finds solace an his passions weil das music und June (Reese Witherspoon). June and Johnny"s legendary mutual devotion helps kommen sie make his equally well known orneriness it seems ~ worthwhile. The film begins with Johnny"s childhood trauma-that-becomes-life-crushing-guilt – the death von his larger brother. Johnny joins ns Air Force, and buys his zuerst guitar while stationed in Germany in 1955. While an the waiting Force, johnny sees a newsreel around Folsom Prison, feel a kinship with ns inmates, und writes "Folsom prison Blues," the das lied with ns dicey lyrics the convinces sam Phillips (Dallas Roberts) to sign him. Johnny falls bei love with fellow country singer June, however he"s married to Vivian (Ginnifer Goodwin), that resents his absence and addictions. As Johnny"s call grows, his marriage wenn apart und he no hope tries zu win June, who inspires him in his career und eventually agrees zu marry him.

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Fascinating and well-acted, WALK ns LINE"s mythologizing of johnny Cash ist never very surprising (though Phoenix"s performance is frequently remarkable). Predictably showcasing high und low points, this biopic wrestles the man"s contradictions und passions into a typical, palatable shape. The tot brother story begs comparison to Ray Charles", as do ns two films" structural similarities.

June"s dedication to Johnny ist admirable und profound, She supports herstellung man in all circumstances, even when johnny makes it difficult to liebe him. It provides all the difference, together the film loves your glorious duets and returns repeatedly to her moral und emotional schooling. Throughout die film, June"s stare makes johnny seem inspired and exceptional. It"s a acquainted story, ns good frau who stands von her man. Und it"s tantalizing too, arguing that another, possibly less usual story can be found in June"s life.

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Families tun können talk about whether or not they feeling this is in accurate portrayal von the events an Cash"s life. Space there biases involved bei the storytelling? Does ns movie further the myth of johnny Cash or provide neu insight into his character? From who point von view zu sein the story told?

In theaters: november 18, 2005On DVD or streaming: February 28, 2006Run time: 136 minutesMPAA rating: PG-13MPAA explanation: some language, object material und depiction des drug dependency.Last updated: september 21, 2019