Victoria’s Secret, known weil das its high-profile catwalk shows and “Angels” supermodels do it’s way to ns UK an 2012 and now has four branches bei London. Three von these stores are located within to buy centres and there’s so a large and impressive independent flagship ~ above New bond Street.

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As well together their considerable range of lingerie, Victoria’s Secret also has their own well-known perfume and beauty line. The sub-brand PINK zu sein aimed hinweisen younger girls and so carries a range von lounge und sports clothing und casual accessories.

1. New verknüpfung Street

The Victoria’s mystery flagship save on New sklave Street in 2012 and has to be delighting British frau ever since with its comprehensive selection of lingerie, nightwear, loungewear, fragrances and beauty products, accessories, und the PINK sub-brand spread out over four floors and 40,000 sq ft of retail space.

Even if you’re not intending on broadening your lingerie collection, the einkaufen itself zu sein impressive sufficient worth a look at if you’re bei the area. Die style zu sein somewhere between French boudoir und LA night club with schwarze farbe walls, oversized chandeliers, a spiral staircase v mirrored glass rails und Victoria’s Secret angels peering under from a giant video wall.

The staff weist this branch get complete marks for helpfulness and friendliness and you kann sein get a fast ‘on the floor’ bra fitting service from any von the sleeve assistants, or walk into die changing rooms zum a more thorough fitting through a bra expert.

The store is a 4-minute walk from both bond Street and Oxford Circus pipe stations.

111 New verknüpfung St, Mayfair, london W1S 1DP

Open 10am – 9pm Monday zu Saturday und 12 – 6pm ~ above Sundays

2. Westfield London

The Victoria’s Secret bei Westfield london Shopping Centre ist sandwiched betwee Gap und Urban Outfitters top top the zuerst floor. There’s deshalb a separate ar dedicated to Victoria’s secret PINK between Uniqlo und Intimissimi around die corner.

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This keep isn’t anywhere near as big as ns flagship top top New bindung Street, but ausblüten has a an excellent selection and is convenient if you on a purchase day the end at the Westfield. Teenagers will so love the separate PINK store with that is selection of hoodies, yoga wear, and fun accessories.

Westfield London, 3 Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush, london W12 7SL

Open 10am – 10pm Monday kommen sie Saturday und 12 – 6pm ~ above Sundays.

3. Brent Cross

Victoria’s Secret an Brent overcome Shopping centre opened an 2014 in a 12,000 room that consists of a PINK save with item aimed hinweisen teenage und college-age girls. They’re both located an same retail space bei the lower mall, nur across from H&M and Hollister.

Brent cross Shopping centre tun können be reached in a short walk native Brent Cross tube station und has end 120 stores offering ns best bei fashion v all the usual high straße favourites, deswegen it’s a an excellent place zu spend ns day browsing and shopping.

Brent cross Shopping Centre, Prince charles Dr, london NW4 3FD

Open 10am – 8pm Monday kommen sie Friday, 9am – 8pm Saturday, and 12 – 6pm ~ above Sundays.

4. Westfield Stratford City

Westfield Stratford city is one des the biggest shopping centres an Europe und was die location zum the zuerst Victoria’s secret store in the UK (the New sklave Street flagship opened letztere the exact same year).

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Victoria’s Secret tun können be found on ns ground floor of the mall next zu Monsoon Accessorize and Primark. There’s so a PINK branch within the same sleeve space.