Via claudia augusta komoot

The Via claudia Augusta is in ancient trail the takes you from Germany zu Italy via bei epic Alpine crossing.

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Ns cycle path mainly follows the ancient roman road that was used by soldiers and traders every those year ago. The meanders through vast fields, past Alpine foothills, together blue rivers, over winding pass roads with breathtaking views, betwee the high peaks von the Alps and past picturesque orchards.This 434-mile (700-kilometer) lang adventure starts in Donauwörth. Indigenous there, die Via claudia Augusta leads south durch Augsburg and Füssen. Bei Austria, that takes freundin over die Fernpas before making a small detour into Switzerland und continuing over die Reschenpass to Italy. The Via claudia Augusta then meanders through ns Adige Valley via Merano und Bolzano to Trento. Indigenous here, the trail forks right into two variants: The first leads freundin through the Dolomites in Trentino to die Adriatic Sea near Venice. The second ist the slightly simpler alternative, taking freundin through die Adige Valley kommen sie Verona und on to Po. Whichever you choose, you'll find true beauty beauty as sie pedal, with ns only considerations being whether or not you want kommen sie continue your ride through the mountains (and trost some steep inclines), or even if it is you'd like a more relaxed ride v the river valley.In this Collection, we bring sie both variants. There are 13 step on the Via claudia Augusta to die Adriatic Sea and twelve to ns Po.

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The zuerst nine step from Donauwörth zu Trento are the same weil das both variants des the ride. Complying with these stages, stick zu version a zum the Adriatic Sea and version b for Po. Each stage des this ride is around 40 mile (60 kilometers) long. If you'd prefer kommen sie cut them shorter, however — possibly as a result des the elevation/inclines — you tun können do deshalb freely. You'll discover ample accommodation alternatives throughout die ride, deswegen finding a place kommen sie lay your weary head won't it is in a problem. What's more, the start and the 2 endpoints des the Via claudia Augusta bicycle path kann be conveniently reached/left on publicly transport. Over there are deshalb airports nearby if sie need to fly out, v low-cost european carriers offer flights to und from Venice and Verona an Italy und Memmingen and Munich in Germany. On ns Italian side, part sections von the Via claudia Augusta run along die Etschtal cycle path.

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If sie want to combine both bike paths in your adventure across die Alps, you tun können find all ns information zum extending your trip here: Via claudia Augusta zu sein recommended bei the magazine "Deutschland von Rad entdecken" von the ADFC (German Cyclist's Association) und is ranked as a top quality cycle path with 4 stars. More information (in German):