Google releases a neu version von Chrome every 2 weeks. This updates include neu features, pest fixes, and, many importantly, defense updates. Kommen sie enjoy all these benefits, freundin must update google Chrome to the latest version.

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Google Chrome zu sein a free download, so you don’t oase to pay kommen sie keep that up kommen sie date. In this article, ich will define how zu update Chrome always to have the recent version.

Find google Chrome recent Version

To find the latest ausführung of google Chrome, you can use the OmahaProxy app. This is in official webseite maintained von Google engineers.

Open http://omahaproxy.appspot.com/ and look weil das the “Stable” version zum your operation system.

For example, success – Stable möchte be the fenstern Stable Channel version. Look zum the Current version on this row. Ist this die version on your computer?

Chrome recent Version

Step 1 – Open google Chrome

Note: I have used screenshots from a MacBook. However, ns steps remain ns same for windows 10 und other computer systems too.

Open google Chrome. If freundin are on Windows, offen it from your desktop. If you are utilizing macOS, launch that from ns launcher or her dock.

Chrome ~ above macOS launcher

Step 2 – Go kommen sie Settings

Click the three dots on ns top right corner. This ist the setups icon.

Chrome’s Settings menu (three dots)

Step 3 – Click “Help”

Click “Help” from ns Settings menu

Step 4 – Click “About Chrome”

Click “About google Chrome”

Step 5 – permit Chrome Download die Update

If over there is an update available, Chrome will jetzt download ns update. Freundin will lakers the progress.

Chrome downloading ns latest version

Step 6 – Click “Relaunch”

After google Chrome completes downloading die update, it will install the update. Die next step ist to restart Chrome. Sie will lakers “Relaunch” on die screen. Click Relaunch.

Relaunch button to restart and apply the neu version

Chrome möchte restart und show the latest ausführung number. If it is up zu date, you will seen the adhering to screen:

Chrome’s ausführung number on ns About page

Manually upgrade Chrome

If something walk wrong with ns auto-update, prefer your office network blocks ns download (that happened to me), you kann use this method.

Download the angeboten installer zum Chrome und run die .exe file. Follow the prompts, und you are done.

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How to Switch zu Beta Version

New features show up on die beta channel prior to they room made easily accessible to the general public. To test these new features, you kann update Chrome to beta.

Download ns beta version from here and install it.

How kommen sie Turn Off automobil Update

It ist recommended that you keep ns auto-update on. It is important that ns browser and all die extensions und plugins freundin use remain up to date kommen sie avoid any security issues.

Just an case. You kann do this, but notfall recommended hinweisen all. Here ist a short write-up with instructions.

Update Chrome expansions Manually

Google Chrome update extensions also automatically. However, you can always update them manually, as described here.

Open your extensions page, von clicking on food selection > expansions or, form chrome://extensions/ in address bar.On die right-hand side, click “Developer Mode”Now, click “Update expansions Now”Done!

How zu Update google Chrome Portable

The simple way kommen sie upgrade ns portable version of google Chrome is to download the latest version of the app und delete the older one.

Chrome coffee cup

Google Chrome update History

There is no way kommen sie find updated history from within google Chrome. However, google has a blog the updates each time over there is an update an the Stable, Beta, or Dev channels. 

Entries ~ above this blog provide details about major changes bei the neu version and a link to all ns bugs fixed in the version.

You kann sein read about all die previous google Chrome updates below on ns Chrome releases Blog. In addition, you tun können find the tonnage update to Chrome on ns home page von the blog.

Here is another great resource the you can use to lakers recent update to google Chrome across all die platforms. Again, ns Chromium team supports this.

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