Tod Der Caylee Anthony

Discussing produziert daughter's tonnage moments, die 30-year-old spoke in halting, sober tones: "I'm still not even details ... Around what happened."


Casey anthony poses zum a portrait next to a picture of produziert daughter, Caylee, in her west Palm Beach, Florida, bedroom on Feb. 13.Josh Repogle / AP
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Casey anthony knows that much of ns world trust she killed produziert 2-year-old daughter, despite herstellung acquittal. But practically nine year later, she insists she doesn"t know exactly how the last hours von Caylee"s life unfolded.

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Casey anthony poses weil das a portrait next to a photo of her daughter, Caylee, in her west Palm Beach, Florida, bedroom on Feb. 13.Josh Repogle / AP

"Caylee would be 12 best now. And would it is in a gesamt badass," she called The associated Press in one von a series des exclusive interviews. "I"d like zu think she"d be listening zu classic rock, play sports" und putting trost with no nonsense.

But mentioning Caylee"s belastung moments, die 30-year-old anthony spoke an halting, sober tones: "I"m ausblüten not even particular as I stand here heute about what happened," she said.

"Based off what was an the media" — ns story of a frau who could notfall account zum a month bei which herstellung child was missing, whose defense involved in accidental drowning zum which there was no eyewitness testimony — "I understand the reasons civilization feel around me. Ich understand why people oase the opinions the they do."

This was the erste time anthony spoke to a news media outlet about herstellung daughter"s fatality or herstellung years since die trial. Produziert responses were weist turns revealing, bizarre and often contradictory, and they at some point raised an ext questions 보다 answers about ns case that has actually captivated die nation.

It"s been almost nine years because Caylee go missing, und six since ns circus-like Orlando trial that ended in her mother"s acquittal. Die trial was carried direkte on cable networks und was ns focus of täglich commentaries über HLN"s nancy Grace, who called her "the many hated mom in America," and, derisively, "tot mom."

Caylee AnthonyOrange bezirk Sheriff's Office / AP, file

The child was supposedly tonnage seen ~ above June 16, 2008; she was zuerst reported missing, über Casey Anthony"s mother, ~ above July 15. A work later, Casey anthony was arrested top top charges of child neglect. She told police that Caylee had actually disappeared through a infant sitter.

A utility worker working bei a wooded area close to the anthony home ~ above Dec. 11 found skeletal remains that were letztere determined to be Caylee"s. Experts would testify the air samples suggested that decaying person remains had actually been present in Casey Anthony"s trunk.

In the end, prosecutors verified Casey anthony was a liar, but convinced the jury of wenig else. The government failed kommen sie establish how Caylee died, und they couldn"t find her mother"s DNA on ns duct maßband they said was used to suffocate her. After a trial von a month und a half, the jury took less than 11 hours kommen sie find anthony not guilty von first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter und aggravated boy abuse.

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Still, the florida Department von Children and Families concluded that anthony was responsible for her daughter"s death because her "actions or die lack of actions ... Ultimately resulted or contributed bei the death des the child." und just this month, former Circuit referee Belvin Perry Jr., who presided at die trial, theorized that anthony may schutz killed Caylee accidentally wie man she was using chloroform to calm her.

She was convicted von four counts des lying to polizei (though 2 counts were later dropped), und served about three years in prison if awaiting trial. A thousand human being were there kommen sie see her released.

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She admits the she lied to police: around being employed at Universal Studios; about leaving Caylee through a baby-sitter; about telling two people, both des them imaginary, the Caylee was missing; about receiving a phone speak to from Caylee die day before she was reported missing.

"Even if i would"ve said them whatever that ich told to the psychologist, ich hate kommen sie say this but ich firmly believe I would oase been in the same place. Because cops glauben other cops. Cops tend zu victimize the victims. Ich understand jetzt ... I see why ich was treated die way ich was even had i been completely truthful."

She added: "Cops lie kommen sie people every day. I"m nur one of the regrettably idiots who admitted they lied."

At the trial, command defense attorney jose Baez suggested that die little girl drowned and that Casey Anthony"s father, George, helped hülle that trost — and sexually abused his daughter. Produziert father has vehemently denied die accusations.

Casey anthony during her murder trial bei Orlando, Florida, on march 3, 2011.Red Huber / AP, file

Anthony doesn"t talk about her parents much, various other than zu say she was disappointed wie man they took money indigenous television"s Dr. Phil and appeared on his show. The host donated $600,000 zu Caylee"s Fund, a nonprofit started von Anthony"s parents. At the time, he stated George und Cindy anthony would derive no income from ns money. The nonprofit was danach dissolved.

Asked about ns drowning defense, Casey anthony hesitated: "Everyone has actually their theories, i don"t know. Together I stand here today ich can"t tell freundin one way or another. The belastung time ich saw my daughter ich believed she was alive und was going kommen sie be OK, und that"s what was told zu me. "

Anthony lives in the South florida home of Patrick McKenna, a private detective that was the lead investigator on produziert defense team. She so works zum him, doing online social media searches and other investigative work. McKenna was so the lead investigator zum OJ Simpson, wie he was accused des killing his wife and acquitted; anthony said she"s become fascinated with die case, und there room "a lot of parallels" to produziert own circumstances.

Casey anthony takes photos at die Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach, Florida, ~ above Feb. 11.Joshua Replogle / AP

"I kann empathize v his situation," she said.

She still dreads ns supermarket checkout line weil das fear she"ll seen photos of herstellung daughter ~ above the cover of tabloid papers. Produziert bedroom walls room decorated v photos des Caylee und she weeps wie man she shows off herstellung daughter"s colorful, finger-painted artwork.

Still, she asserts she is happy. For her 31st birthday she plans zu go skydiving. She enjoys taking photos, mostly von squirrels und other wildlife. Und she loves her investigative work.

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Anthony speak defiantly of herstellung pariah status.

"I don"t give a s*** around what anyone thinks around me, i never will," she said. "I"m jawohl with myself, i sleep quite good hinweisen night."

Casey anthony looks up at a portrait of her with produziert daughter, Caylee, in her west Palm Beach, Florida, bedroom top top Feb. 13.Joshua Replogle / AP