To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Besetzung

zu All the Boys: always & Forever cast & character Guide to All the Boys: Always and Forever functions all des the regular franchise stars, deswegen how do you know them? Here"s a full cast and character guide.

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To All ns Boys 3 actors Characters
The To All ns Boys: Always und Forever cast features all of the regular franchise stars, deswegen how do freundin know them? based upon Jenny Han"s 2017 novel, the 2021 Netflix movie centers on the on-going romance between Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky. Ns Portland, OR, pair plans kommen sie attend Stanford universität together, but a twist von fate pressures them to confront ns awkward truth des their situation.

In To All ns Boys 3, Lara Jean lives a drama-free life before produziert senior year des high school. She enjoys a family members trip zu Korea and plans kommen sie attend Stanford with her boyfriend, Peter. After a school pilgrimage to neu York City, however, Lara Jean feels drawn kommen sie the east coast, and must decide if she wants zu remain in her native California. Command by Michael Fimognari, To All ns Boys 3 on Netflix complies with Lara Jean together she get a life epiphany.

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To All ns Boys 3 mostly centers on ns focal stars of the erste two films. Whereas many romantic comedy films introduce next characters zu complicate things, die third story around Lara Jean and Peter gets to the heart des their relationship. Here"s a cast and character guide for To All ns Boys: Always und Forever top top Netflix.

Lana Condor together Lara Jean Covey

Lana Condor in To All the Boys: Always und Forever top top Netflix
Lana Condor stern as Lara Jean Covey, ns franchise protagonist that gets rejected from Stanford University and realizes that NYU can be bei her instant plans weil das the future. Condor kicked off produziert movie career by portraying ns superhero Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse und Li bei Patriots Day. She also appeared together Koyomi in Alita: battle Angel and voiced Casey McGarry in BoJack Horseman.

Noah Centineo in To All die Boys: Always and Forever ~ above Netflix
noah Centineo co-stars as peter Kavinsky, Lara Jean"s renowned boyfriend who zu sein surprised when he it s okay accepted kommen sie Stanford University. Centineo depicted Jamey in Sierra Burgess ist a Loser and Brooks Rattigan an The Perfect Date. He"ll soon appear as prinz Adam/He-Man in Masters des the Universe and Ali Rothstein/Atom Smasher an Black Adam.

Janel Parrish as Margot Covey

Janel Parrish in To All the Boys: Always und Forever top top Netflix
Janel Parrish portrays Margot Covey, Lara Jean"s alt sister that attends college bei Scotland. Parrish portrayed Mona Vanderwaal in Pretty wenig Liars und Estelle in Trespassers. She recently appeared as Maleah in Magnum P.I.

Anna Cathcart an To All ns Boys: Always and Forever on Netflix
anna Cathcart appears as Kitty, Lara Jean"s younger sister who becomes much more interested in boys after ~ a trip to Korea. Cathcart starred together Agent Olympia bei Odd Squad and portrayed Tween Drizella in Once upon a Time. She recently showed up as ns title character in Zoe Valentine.

Ross Butler together Trevor

Ross servant portrays Trevor, Lara Jean"s i was sure classmate who shows romantic interest an one of her friends. Servant portrayed Zach Dempsey in 13 reasons Why and Reggie Mantle an Riverdale. DCEU fan may know him as Super Hero Eugene indigenous Shazam.

Madeleine Arthur shows up as Christine, Lara Jean"s free-spirited freundin who offers life advice. Arthur illustrated Older Jane in Big Eyes and Young Willa Warren bei The Family. She also appeared as Fray an The Magicians and Nikki Genêt in Snowpiercer season 1.

Emilija Baranac together Gen

Emilija Baranac portrays Gen, one of Lara Jean"s classmates that gets accepted kommen sie NYU. Baranac shown Midge Klump an Riverdale und Jamie in Beyond.

Trezzo Mahoro as Lucas

Trezzo Mahoro portrays Lucas, Lara Jean"s classmate who plans kommen sie attend sarah Lawrence top top the east coast. Mahoro shown Ralphia bei The Magicians und Mohamed bei Van Helsing. The recently showed up as Joker in Operation Christmas Drop und Geke in The right One.

Sarayu Blue shows up as Trina Rothschild, the love interest des Lara Jean"s father. Blue depicted Emet bei I feel Bad, Kareema in No Tomorrow, and Marcie bei Blockers. She also appeared as Ana bei The Unicorn.

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John Corbett as Dr. Dan Covey

john Corbett rounds the end the main cast together Dr. Dan Covey, Lara Jean"s father that plans kommen sie get re-married. Corbett shown Chris Stevens in Northern Exposure und starred as Ian Miller bei My large Fat Greek Wedding. He so appeared as Lars Hammond in Serendipity - one von the movie referenced von Lara Jean in To All ns Boys: always & Forever.

Sofia Black-D"Elia (Above) together Heather: Gen"s NYU friend. Sofia Black-D"Elia shown Andrea Cornish bei The Night Of and Tirzah Ben-Hur in Ben-Hur.

Henry thomas as Mr. Kavinsky: Peter"s estranged father. Henry schneidbrett famously starred as Elliott in E.T. Die Extra-Terrestrial and recently portrayed Henry Wingrave in The Haunting of Bly Manor.

June B. Wild as Joan: A waitress. June B. Wild portrayed Edna an Young & Reckless and Colleen Holmstrom an The Exorcist TV series.

Ho-Young Jeon as Dae: Kitty"s love interest in Seoul. To All the Boys: Always and Forever on Netflix marks ns movie debut zum Ho-Young Jeon.

Ese Atawo together Ms. Beckman: A chaperone. Ese Atawo portrayed Detective frankie Curtis an The Flash and Dr. Imani Jackson in Firefly Lane.

Rhianna Jagpal as Dipti Shaw: Lara"s classmate who requests paperwork weil das the hohes level trip to neu York. Rhianna Jagpal portrayed Yasmin in Mech-X4 und Hilary Saint in Motherland: heutzutage Salem.

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Molly Grace as Mollie Marshall: Lara"s classmate who receives a prom invite through bei umbrella-themed sprung performance. Molly elegant made produziert movie debut as Young Charlotte in The Perfection on Netflixand was credited as "Crying Girl" in To All ns Boys: P.S. I blieb Love You.

Momona Tamada as Young Lara Jean: Momona Tamada portrayed Kazu"s great-granddaughter bei The Terror season 2 und stars as claudia Kishi in The Baby-Sitters Club.

Rian McCririck as Young Peter: Rian McCririck had actually a klein role in Good Boys und recently showed up as Logan Bruno in The Baby-Sitters Club.

Jenny Han as major Cho: Jenny Han is the author of the To All the Boys book series.

Linda Ko together Aunt Carrie: Linda Ko portrayed marie in Stargate: Atlantis und Genera nessa Clary in Motherland: heutzutage Salem.

Julie Tao together Haven: Julie Tao depicted Jillian an Charmed und Cleo in Motherland: fort Salem.

Joey Pacheco together Owen Kavinsky: Joey Pacheco illustrated Young Erik in Menendez: Blood Brothers.

Jara Zeimer together OMG Girl: Jara Zeimer portrayed Klaudia Wegener in The Man in the High Castle and Teen Velma in iZombie.

Kelcey Mawema together Emily: Kelcey Mawema portrayed Ana an The Exorcist season 2 und Gabrielle bei Deadly Class.

C. Ernst Harth together Alder Principal: ernst Harth depicted Harold Shelburne in Thir13en Ghosts und Lowell Lee Andrews in Capote.

Michael Delleva as Daniel: michael Delleva portrayed one von Santa"s helpers an Noelle on Disney+ and Ari Berlin an When the Streetlights go On.

Anisha Cheema together Valentine"s Girlfriend: Anisha Cheema shown Patrice bei iZombie and Morgan in The Mirror.

Susie Lee together Eva lied Covey: Susie Lee portrayed elisabeth in Supernatural and Mrs. Marshall in Lost in Space.

Rish shaman as Ravi: Rish Shah portrayed Ahmed in Years und Years und will soon appear as Kamran in Ms. Marvel.

Kayla Deorksen as Angela: Kayla Deorksen portrayed Erica Bailey an Supernatural und Mrs. Anderson in Chilling Adventures des Sabrina.

Janelle McDermoth as Nisha: Janelle McDermoth portrayed Detective Peterson bei Blue Bloods und Aleah Brown in Law & Order: special Victims Unit.

Jerry Yang together Nathan: Jerry Yang portrayed Ian ns Patron an The Flash and Horizen la Retail Guy in Upload on Amazon Prime.

Lisa Durupt as Gayle Kavinsky: Lisa Durupt shown Nurse Fleming in Psych and Jen McMurtry in Heartland.

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Katie carry out as Ani: Katie Do illustrated Esme in Mrs. Fletcher and Isla an Manifest.