Tel aviv gay pride

Pride parade attendees sprung on a communication along the beach top top Friday in Tel Aviv. Israel reopened this spring from its coronavirus lockdown after one von the world’s many successful inoculation campaigns.

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Dozens of rainbow and Israeli flags billowed in the warm breeze on Friday together tens von thousands des people came to revel and celebrate Tel Aviv’s happy pride parade.

The parade, a colorful display des acceptance, was one von the largest public events an Israel since the anfang of the covid-19 pandemic. The annual celebration is considered the biggest LGBTQ event an the conservative middle East and is held an Israel’s rarely hub von gay culture.

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Although there were concerns over a recent surge an coronavirus cases, connected to the Delta variant, ns seaside gathering organized on the coastal fahrt drew bei estimated 100,000 people, according zu local news reports.

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The country’s rapid vaccination drive allowed the Tel Aviv pride Parade to return after gift canceled belastung year due kommen sie concerns about spreading die virus.

Israeli authorities, who fully reopened the country this spring, are when again requiring people kommen sie wear masks in indoor public places, und are advising masks weist large out events. Fewer than half of attendees wore challenge coverings.


Pride attendees socialize after ns parade along the beach ~ above Friday in Tel Aviv. The stadt features a rarely hub of gay culture in Israel.