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Treat her senses to a important immersive experience. With its even more comprehensive 10.1 customs WUXGA screen you tun können watch und read all your favorite content, including magazines or newspapers, in supreme comfort.

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Capturing precious moments bei their truest detail. Shoot fast in low light with its 8MP AF f/1.9 rear camera or permit your an imaginative spirit soar through optional HDR and Pro setting options.

Featuring broader drawing boards und enhanced sound effects, youngsters Mode 4.0 is optimized zu unleash your child’s creative side. It deshalb puts your mind hinweisen ease, letting freundin lock apps and set consumption times.

Now you tun können have calls und SNS cautions forwarded directly from your smartphone to your tablet. What’s more, you can use rapid Reply to respond best away and keep track des incoming notifications in Dashboard mode.

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* SideSync ist available together a different download und is compatible with android KitKat (4.4) or higher.

Switch your viewing perspective bei a flash. Merely connect durch Wi-Fi direct to share und watch content between your TV und tablet interchangeably without ns hassle von messy wiring.

Ideal zum standing nach oben your tablet kommen sie watch all her favorite multimedia through ease, that is lightweight, foldable magnetic book startseite conforms zu various angles weil das optimized viewing.

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Smooth to die touch with in elegant streamlined finish that looks and feels great an the hand, its beautifully minimalistic entwurf is a sight to behold from every angle.

Size (Main Display)10.1" (255.4 mm)Resolution (Main Display)1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)Technology (Main Display)TFTColor Depth (Main Display)16MS Pen SupportYes
Main Camera - ResolutionCMOS 8.0 MPMain Camera - automobil FocusYesFront Camera - ResolutionCMOS 2.0 MPMain Camera - FlashYesVideo recording ResolutionFHD (1920 x 1080)
RAM size (GB)3 GBROM size (GB)16 GBAvailable memory (GB) *10.3 GBExternal storage SupportMicroSD (Up zu 256GB)