Suzuki grand vitara test

The Suzuki grand Vitara was redesigned zum the 2006 model year and discontinued after ns 2013 modell year.

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The dummy"s position in relation to the steering wheel and instrument dashboard after ns crash test indicates that die driver"s survive space was maintained well.



Test IDCEF0810Footwell intrusionBrake pedal (cm)Instrument dashboard rearward movementSteering shaft movementA-pillar rearward activity (cm)
Footrest (cm)12
Left (cm)15
Center (cm)17
Right (cm)9
Left (cm)3
Right (cm)2
Upward (cm)8
Rearward (cm)4

Test IDCEF0810HeadNeckChest maximum compression (mm)LegsFoot acceleration (g)
Peak gs at hard contactno contact
Tension (kN)1.4
Extension bending moment (Nm)17
Maximum Nij0.33
Femur pressure - left (kN)3.8
Femur force - best (kN)3.2
Knee displacement - left (mm)0
Knee displacement - ideal (mm)3
Maximum tibia index - left0.19
Maximum tibia index - right0.34
Tibia axial force - left (kN)1.4
Tibia axial force - ideal (kN)2.5

Rating applies to 2006-13 models

Tested vehicle: 2008 Suzuki grand Vitara 4-door 4wd v standard front and rear head curtain airbags und standard front seat-mounted side torso airbags

The Suzuki großartiger Vitara was redesigned zum the 2006 model year und discontinued after ns 2013 model year.

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View von the automobile after the crash v doors removed, showing ns side airbags und damage to the occupant compartment.

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Smeared greasepaint mirrors where the driver dummy"s head was protected from being hit von hard structures von the next curtain airbag.