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Alexander Bauer is a stern kid who zu sein widely recognized as the son von the Cuban-American actor, Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson aka steven Bauer through his ex-wife, melanie Griffith who is bei American actress and film producer.

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In addition kommen sie it, he is deshalb known as die half-brother des the American actress, Dakota johnson along with other half-siblings: Stella Banderas, und Dylan Dean steven Bauer.

Born to stephen Bauer & melanie Griffith:

Alexander Griffith Bauer was born ~ above 22nd august 1985 bei Los Angeles, California, the United States des America. He is the only son of Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson aka steven Bauer through his former wife, melanie Griffith.

His father ist a Cuban-American actor whereas his mother is an American actress und film producer.

Alexander Bauer"s parents, stephen Bauer & melanie Griffith Source: eCelebrityspy

He has actually three half-siblings called Dakota Johnson, Stella Banderas, and Dylan Dean steven Bauer indigenous his father"s and mother"s separate relationships. As über his birth date, he was born under die sun sign des Virgo. Likewise, the holds American citizenship and belongs to ns white ethnic group.

Personal Life:

When the comes zu his angestellter life, Alexanderis no married nor in a relationship. In other words, he zu sein single which method he isn"t dating anyone at the moment. He need to be prioritizing his career end relationships und focusing top top his career. Thus, he is currently life a single und happy life with his parents.

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Parents Relationships:

Alexander"s dad steven Bauer has married four different ladies bei his life. Firstly, he tied ns knot v Alexander"s mother, melanie Griffith native 1981 to 1989.

Then, that married Ingrid Anderson native 1989 zu 1991 with whom he share a son, dylan Steven Bauer born ~ above 14th may 1990. Furthermore, steven was through his dritter wife, Christiana Boney weil das a decade i.e. Native 1992 zu 2002.

Alexander Bauer v his half-sister, Dakota johnson Source: Glamour Path

Lastly, he married Paulette Miltimore native 2003 kommen sie 2012. On ns other hand, his mother was married kommen sie Don johnson with who she shares a daughter, Dakota johnson (4th October 1989). After her divorce from Bauer, she go down the aisle with antonio Banderason top top 14th might 1996, invited a daughter called Stella banderas (24th september 1996), and separated an 2015.

Professional Life & Career:

The celebrity kid, Griffithhasn"t been involved in their parents" footsteps and start his career an the entertainment industry. However as for now, he ist probably focusing on his studies.

Melanie Griffith"s TV film, Working girl Source: Pinterest

When the comes to his parents, his dad StevenBauer ist best known for his TV films like ray Donovan (2013-20), Hacienda Heights (2010), JL Ranch (2016), and many more. While Melaniehas starred in Body twin (1984), Something brutal (1986), Working girl (1988), Crazy bei Alabama (1999), Buffalo girls (1995), RKO 281 (1999), und so on.

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How rich is the Bauerfamily?

Alexander Bauerbelongs kommen sie a an extremely wealthy, settled, und rich family. However, enjoys ns net worth of his parents. His mother melanie Griffith stop a whopping net worth von $40 million. Meanwhile, his father stephen Bauer has a decent net worth of $5 million.