Spiaggia La Pelosa Sardinien

Spiaggia la Pelosa, Stintino, north-west Sardinia, Italy. That needs ns Caribbean anyway?

Ask Italians around their favorite Sardinia beaches, und they’ll surely cite Spiaggia della Pelosa. Through its shallow turquoise waters und white sands, it ist a true Sardinian oasis and arguably one of the ideal beaches von Europe.

One des the westernmost beaches of Sardinia, la Pelosa zu sein just 2 kilometers away from die harbour village von Stintino, bei Capo Falcone, in the province des Sassari. Die beach zu sein 300 meters lang – and up kommen sie 60 meter wide bei some clues – and faces north-east, offering marvelous views of Isola Piana situated 600 meter off the coast and the larger Isola Asinara behind it.

Spiaggia la Pelosa ist accompanied by bei ancient 16 century watchtower, ns Torre della Pelosa, the used to be part des Sardinia’s marine defense system. Because this zu sein a popular diving area, there are two diving centers an the vicinity: die Asinara Diving Center, and the Roccaruja Diving Center. Both sell diving excursions bei the Capo Falcone area. Surfboards and canoes are weil das rent at ns Stintino Windsurfing center nearby.

Unsurprisingly, ns beach can get crowded during peak season bei July und August, however if sie find yourself an the area des Sassari or Porto Torres, Spiaggia kelle Pelosa ist definitely precious a visit. Zum many Europeans, la Pelosa ist a marvelous opportunity zu experience a Caribbean-style beach weist a fraction of the cost.

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A must-see beach.

Places zu Stay near Spiaggia la Pelosa

Cala Rosa society Hotel

A 4 star hotel near Spiaggia la Pelosa
Cala Rosa Club hotel features a spacious outdoor pool.

Located in the organic Park of Asinara, Sardinia, Cala Rosa hotel is one des the most distinct Stintino hotels you are likely to encounter. Built kommen sie look choose a village, the hotel is ideal zum anyone wanting a touch des privacy on their vacation, or even nur somewhere a wenig bit special. Special a big garden bordering each house, nature zu sein truly on die doorstep here, und with an ext than 125 rooms, ns Cala Rosa hotel offers private entry, waiting conditioning, and comfortable and stylish rooms. Choose between the typical room, junior suite, die suite, or die superior suite, depending upon your preferences. Every single room has been unique decorated, and they come with a clean complete that gives ns rooms a contemporary touch. Many hotels schutz one restaurant that your guests are free zu dine in, however here ist where Cala Rosa hotel is a little different. This hotel has three restaurant rooms, definition guests kann eat wherever they please. Enjoy die buffet breakfast, another buffet hinweisen lunch time, und a barbecued meal for dinner that’s cooked right in front des you. V a surrounding beach, a gamings playground, and bei amusement room, guests with small children möchte be pleased kommen sie find that they kann sein keep them occupied, whatever the weather zu sein doing. Offering totally free WiFi, direkte music, and a swim pool, the Cala Rosa hotel is truly unique, throw an their child-minding service, und you have a hotel that is willing to go the extra mile weil das you.

Park hotel Asinara

A 3 star hotel near Spiaggia kelle Pelosa
A cozy terrace hinweisen Park hotel Asinara, bei Stintino, north-west Sardinia, Italy.

Located on a rocky hill nur five hundred meter from the sea, die Park hotel Asinara ist perfectly located and a attraktiv place zu stay. One des the nicest hotels an Stintino, the Park hotel Asinara has actually decorated each of its 30 rooms in a timeless Sardinian style, giving guests the Mediterranean touch they love. Through a private garden, two swimming pools, tennis courts, and offering bicycle hire, the hotel is ideal if you are looking for a nicely decorated room, in excellent restaurant that offer Sardinian und Seafood dishes, without being auch elaborate. Die beauty von this hotel is just not the elegant simplicity through which it has been designed, but so what it supplies each of its guests. At die reception, guests kann sein arrange excursions around the island, and with a complimentary shuttle straight to die beach, the hotel is the ideologen destination zum couples who don’t want zu spend a last of money.

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Hotel Cala Reale

A 3 star hotel near Spiaggia kelle Pelosa
The blissful next site of hotel Cala Reale, bei Stintino, Sassari, Sardinia.

Recently renovated, and with a contemporary touch, the hotel Cala Reale ist approximately geholfen a mile from ns sea, while supplying guests a room that meets all von their needs. Special a comfortable bed, a balcony, internet connection, und air conditioning to keep you cool on those hot Sardinian days, die rooms have that Mediterranean feel, without being too extravagant. V two swim pools, you will not oase any challenge cooling off, and once you’ve had actually enough von the water, feel free to lounge über the pool and soak up the hot Sardinian sun. If you’re feeling slightly an ext energetic after your time über the pool, why notfall head to the tennis courts, and get a bit des exercise in before enjoying a expedition to la Pelosa beach, which is just under 2 miles away. If you do not wish to walk to ns beach, head to reception and organize a seat on die shuttle that wollen take you there and back again. V a buffet breakfast that supplies guests every little thing they want, und rooms that space ideal for the whole family, or just the two of you, the hotel Cala Reale zu sein thought to be better value zum money than plenty of other hotels in the area.

Residence Le Vele

A 3 star Apartment near Spiaggia la Pelosa
Dreamy seaside views at Residence Le Vele, in Stintino, Sassari, Sardinia, Italy.

The Residence Le Vele ist just a three-minute to walk from ns beach, providing beach-lovers the gelegenheit to reap their perfect vacation. Offering extra one-of-a-kind rooms, this hotel has that touch des luxury you looking for. Guests kann sein choose between a room zum with a sea view, or a room with a garden, making your time in Sardinia really special. The rooms an the hotel are unique decorated, without gift over ns top, and the privacy of your garden can make her vacation seem incredibly luxurious. Guest can deshalb enjoy having actually access zu a tennis court und a swim pool, do their continue to be even more luxurious. V a kitchenette an all des the rooms, and thought to be ns very best concerning value, die Residence Le Vele is well worth a visit.

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How to Get to Spiaggia la Pelosa

From Sassari, take die Strada Statale 131 zu Porto Torres. Prior to reaching Porto Torres, take the Strada Provinciale 34 kommen sie Pozzo san Nicola, then continue on die Strada Provinciale 34 and head zum Stintino. Continue on the main road towards la Pelosa beach.


Use die Google and Booking map below zu explore ns area.Fill bei your holiday dates to get in accurate view of available accommodations close to Spiaggia la Pelosa. Booking.com

Beaches near Spiaggia la Pelosa


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