Sony smartwatch 3 update

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When google launched android Wear 2.0 bei early February, it listed a list of existing watches that might be updated zu the neu version des the platform. The fact that the list did notfall include ns Sony SmartWatch 3 was not in oversight von Google. Apparently, this Sony smartwatch will not be upgradeable to android Wear 2.0, remaining forever bei the version android 1.5 of the operation system.

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Since that is in official confirmation, die owners von this famous smartwatch will be disappointed. In fact, on the product page of the Sony global website it is clearly composed that die SmartWatch 3 SWR50 supports hoch to android Wear 1.5. Android Wear 2.0 and later execution are not supported. Ns Sony SmartWatch 3 zu sein a wearablereleased an early 2014, deshalb it was likely that the device could notfall be updated kommen sie the android Wear 2.0 version. Us are much more likely to see a Sony SmartWach 4, being unlikely, 보다 a manufacturer upgrade on its existing watch.

The reasons von Sony


Sony, together a result des complaints received from part owners of SmartWatch 3 about die decision not to update the wearable to android Wear 2.0, described that, as a result von the tests performed, ns hardware of the device is not able kommen sie support the neu version von Android. Therefore, as in the smartphone market, the manufacturer prefers notfall to update its software to avoid post-upgrade problems, instead des limiting the user experience von updating without presenting all the new features that the new version brings through it.

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In short, Sony SmartWatch 3 möchte not see any of the alters introduced by android Wear 2.0. Over the past 2 years, die Sony SmartWatch 3 has established itself as one des the best-selling smartwatches based upon Google's android Wear platform. This ist because it offers respectable hardware (voice input, touch and motion, microphone, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, GPS, 4 GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Micro USB, Wi-Fi, und more). But above all, itsaffordable preis (which zu sein now $ 129.98in the White variant), well below the average of other smartwatches von similar brands.