sonos one gen 2 vs gen 1

Smart speakers like Sonos One can help users control their smart devices more freely. ~ pairing your smart speakers v voice assistants, you can control all the devices linked with her voice assistant. Through Sonos One freundin won’t oase to worry around compatibility issues as it kann sein work with practically all des the well-known smart assistants. So, if you need smart speakers zum your home then Sonos One could be the perfect fit for her needs.

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There room two generations of Sonos One smart speaker, ns Gen 1 und the Gen 2. Let’s walk over the differences bolzen the two variants so you tun können decide i m sorry one you’d like kommen sie buy weil das your clever home.

Sonos One Gen 2 mit Gen 1

Sonos One Gen 2

The Sonos One Gen 2 zu sein a newer version of the Sonos One smart speaker. In terms von design und general outlook, you won’t be able kommen sie find any kind of difference bolzen Gen 1 and Gen 2. Users oase mentioned that the sound quality is the same and you can’t tell the difference between the two models über just listening kommen sie them. The Gen 2 is 20 dollars an ext expensive and is priced punkt around 200 dollars i m sorry used kommen sie be the previous price tag zum the Gen 1. The form factor zu sein the same und you i will not ~ feel any improvement in the sound quality von upgrading zu Gen 2.

There are yet a few differences wie man you look at the internal hardware of the device. According to Sonos, the Gen 2 has actually a stronger processor und more memory bei the device. Moreover, sie can also utilize the neu BLE feature zum the initial setup. However, currently, there room no new features the were introduced into this device. Definition that you tun können get the same range von features from her Gen 1 und upgrading kommen sie a Gen 2 punkt this point would it is in a finish waste von money.

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But Sonos did point out that they would certainly be introducing new features shortly that wollen be exclude, to the Gen 2 variant. Ns stronger processor und increased memory wollen allow the Gen 2 to deliver these features. However, there is nothing plan currently and there schutz been no further updates about this matter von Sonos. So, it would be better zum you zu keep using ns Sonos One Gen 1 until Sonos announces a new feature that freundin need weil das your clever home. Until then, then Gen 1 will work nur fine zum your automation needs.

Sonos One Gen 1

With the introduction des Gen 2, the price of Gen 1 was reduced by 20 dollars. That might not be the big von a difference zum some civilization but freundin can ausblüten think von it together a nice discount. Since there space no extr features in Gen 2 as compared zu Gen 1. Ns only difference between the 2 devices is that die Gen 2 is more expensive and has much more processing power bei it which kann sein come bei handy when Sonos introduce exclusive features for the Gen 2.

When freundin look at the audio quality and the function von Sonos One as speakers, sie won’t be able kommen sie find any type of difference. Even if you’re bei audiophile, both speakers wollen sound ns same zu you. Both generations oase the same model design and the only difference is in the inner power of the devices. Sonos One Gen 2 being more powerful 보다 Generation 1 due to more memory und fast processor. V that said, that might notfall be precious it zum most users kommen sie upgrade kommen sie a Sonos One Gen 2 immediately.

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As ns Gen 2 doesn’t offer anything that your present Gen 1 can’t do. Wie Sonos adds neu features for the Gen 2 modell then you can think von buying that if she interested in the new feature. The preis difference isn’t the great, you just have to pay 20 an ext dollars for the newer version. So, if sie want kommen sie future-proof your smart speakers and don’t want zu bother v upgrading them letztere then you tun können always pay ns 20 bucks zu buy ns Gen 2. That way when Sonos introduces neu features you will be able to access lock with the Gen 2 model.