Selena gomez new song 2016

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The singer to reduce a "new" track, "Feel Me,"on Friday --though it"s one Selenators schutz been clamoring zum since 2016.

"On the Revival Tour, i introduced a das lied that you guys haven’t stopped talking about since," Gomez tweeted wie man the das lied dropped punkt midnight."Soo you asked und I listened. Today, "Feel Me" zu sein out online and vinyl everywhere."

The lied was written wie Gomez was in the middle of her on-again, off-again period with ex justin Bieber, prior zu their 2017 reconciliation und subsequent separation --and the lyrics seem kommen sie be sending a blog post to an unfaithful lover.

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"Do sie stay hoch late just dafür you don"t dream?" the now-27-year-old performer croons as die up-tempo lied builds to the chorus."Every time your lips touch an additional / ich want you kommen sie feel me / ich want you zu feel me."

On the Revival Tour, ich introduced a das lied that you guys haven’t stopped talking about since. Soo freundin asked and I listened