Seat Leon St Erfahrungen

This warm hatchback used zu be known as ns Seat Leon Cupra, but the Spanish carmaker’s schon fast badge has been teased out right into a entirety sub-brand. That the neu Cupra Leon, the hot hatchback previously known as the Seat Leon Cupra.

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We’ve constantly liked the fast Leons below – a bit more stärke than a Volkswagen golf GTI weil das a slightly reduced price. What’s not to like about that? die Cupra argorial has carried some neu challenges, though, and it way that ns car has had kommen sie become much more ambitious than just being a GTI alternative.

Is it just the one engine still?

There are a host von options to choose from now – turbocharged 2.0-litre petrols pumping the end 242bhp or 296bhp, or a 1.4-litre plug-in hybrid that combines ns efforts des a 148bhp engine and a 113bhp e-motor v 13kWh battery. All an extremely modern.

The purely petrol engines kommen sie complete with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, while the PHEV cars acquire a gear less. Oh, and there’s in estate ausführung available too, which come with the electrified engine or a much more powerful 306bhp petrol und four-wheel drive. The world’s her oyster.

What about die numbers?

If that pure speed you’re after, the extra power in the estate gets sie from 0–62mph bei a tidy 4.9 seconds, while die 296bhp hatchback walk it in 5.7secs und the PHEV hatch in a more stately 6.4secs. Which ist what a few hundred kilos of battery and electric gubbins möchte do, really.

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The petrol powered auto is unternehmen as usual, if a little too much on ns sensible side weil das our tastes. Which means die tax-dodging plug-in version zu sein going to be full-on socks ‘n’ sandals. With official lab prüfung CO2 emissions of just 32g/km, die Cupra Leon qualifies zum rock bottom taxation bands zum both privatgelände buyers and company car users.

Choosing one of these might save sie hundreds von pounds a year bei tax, und a few quid a week in fuel. All von a sudden some slow-moving acceleration might seem favor a small preis to pay.


“This Cupra zu sein lacking die edge zu establish itself as a worthwhile enhancement to ns hot hatch hall des fame”

Cupra has only been around for five minutes, yet it’s clearly a in brand geraten that’s experiencing a bit of in identity belästigt – it’s nur not clean what it"s in reality for. Schon fast plug-in hybrids are in inevitable compromise, trying to be die best des all worlds, yet invariably fallout’s short of any von the goals set out.

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Now, the standard seat Leon eHybrid is a lovely idea, it no make promises with sporty looks und modes that the drive can’t keep. Reality is, with the battery only lasting for 25 miles an the real world, ns Cupra Leon eHybrid merely isn’t a hot hatch enough von the time. If a civic Type ns or emphasis RS got breathless after ~ 25 miles, you’d desire your money back.

If sie want a spicy hot hatch climate clearly die more powerful 296bhp version von the Cupra Leon ist the one zu go for, however even the feels like it has been held back. It’s a kind drive, with sharp handling und a snappy DSG gearbox, yet it doesn’t oase the flat-out appeal of rivals. It’s all a bit auch sensible. And if freundin were yes, really being wise you’d go for the plug-in option weil das its lower fuel and tax costs. That’s notfall what this cars are supposed to be about, is it?