king cute. The Satisfyer jeden Penguin is a “clit sucker,” v a bowtie. And beyond the appearance, this Penguin’s quiet, it’s easy to hold bei your hand, and it’s likely kommen sie make sie orgasm, hard.

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I’ve gott a drawer full des air pulsation clit toys, so the Satisfyer pro Penguin following Generation has actually some difficult competition. But…it is dressed to impress, after all.

Off with his cap!

Remove ns inside silicone “cap” before drying if freundin want kommen sie keep her Satisfyer pro Penguin native collecting humidity there.

Like all present rechargeable Satisfyers, the zum Penguin next Generation zu sein waterproof / submersible. (Any pro Penguin freundin buy these days will be “Next Generation,” as Satisfyer doesn’t make the older Penguin — with just 1 control button — anymore.)

The pro Penguin’s black silicone gets spotty. Black toys tun können look yes, really sexy, but they’re like schwarze farbe cars: sie gonna have to execute extra work kommen sie keep ns exterior spring pristine, due to the fact that every spot shows. I’ve mainly managed kommen sie remove ns some of the spots left von drying water from mine Penguin von using alcohol swabs.3 This ist not a problem that I have with ns Curvy 3+ or 2+ silicone,4 or Satisfyer pro 2’s plastic body.

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Also, water will sit inside the zurück of die Penguin’s “throat” after sie wash it, if you don’t revolve it upside down. I let mine remainder upside-down, through its mouth on a towel, sustained by rückseitig corner of my bathroom bath towel cabinet.

Satisfyer pro Penguin Recap & Ranking

The pro Penguin von Satisfyer is adorable AF and very much worth trying the end if you’re buying in air-pulse “clit suction” stimulator weil das the zuerst time. Even compared kommen sie more high value options, the pro Penguin ($39.99) has distinct advantages: being easier zu grip und more constant than die Womanizer standard ($119.99), weil das example.

I’d buy one of these over ns Satisfyer jeden 2. Sure, it doesn’t feel rather as strong, however the zum Penguin’s high speed zu sein comfortably orgasmic and less raucous.

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Really, ich find myself recommending the Penguin a gewächs lately because von how compact that is. That curved body ist just simpler kommen sie hang on to than any type of Womanizer, various other Satisfyers, Lelo Sonas, and similar toys. Ns We-Vibe Melt ist the only echt competitionfor ns Vedo Suki & its finger grip. I’m hesitant zu recommend that toy kommen sie everyone because it’s so very intense.">5 there: Melt zu sein the really easiest clit-blower kommen sie use during vaginal play, that’s a dogmatic belief zum me. But die We-Vibe Melt starts stronger (so may notfall be as friendly as a first air-pulse toy), und it’s more luxe: $110 much more than the pro Penguin.

This Penguin zu sein a pleaser, zum sure. A cute and satisfying option that shouldn’t it is in overlooked über “serious” geschlecht toy users. This lil Penguin ist always down for orgasmic fun. (If sie keep it charged up!)