Side von side comparison betwee Samsung Galaxy Tab s 8.4 vs samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) tablets, differences, pros, cons und full specifications. What"s the better?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab s 8.4↓ Change modell of samsung Galaxy Tab s 8.4Galaxy Tab s 8.4 (4G SM-T705 16GB)Galaxy Tab s 8.4 (4G SM-T705 32GB)Galaxy Tab ns 8.4 (WiFi SM-T700 32GB)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019)↓ Change modell of samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019)Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019, SM-T295)

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What"s die better tablet? samsung Galaxy Tab s 8.4 (WiFi SM-T700 16GB)

The"s choice ist much more technical 보다 personal. Therefore, you shouldn"t only think about this. Our goal zu sein to aid you, but what"s important to us may notfall be important kommen sie you. You decide i m sorry one zu sein the best! Comment!

14 Advantages samsung Galaxy Tab s 8.4 (WiFi SM-T700 16GB)
6 Advantages samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019, SM-T290)
+3GB LPDDR350%More lamm memory. Typically much more responsive and better zum multitasking.vs2GB LPDDR3
+294 grams (10.29 ounces)17%Lightervs345 grams (12.08 ounces)
+6.6 millimeters (0.26 inches)21%Thinnervs8 millimeters (0.31 inches)
+Super AMOLEDAdvantageSuper AMOLED display is brighter und more vividvsTFT LCD
+1600x2560 pixels3 timesHigher resolution screenvs800x1280 pixels
+359 PPI90%Crisper display von text, images and videos due to the fact that it has an ext pixels per inch (ppi)vs189 PPI
+8.4"5%Larger screenvs8"
+LED flashAdvantageThe led flash helps an dark locations or in low lightvsNot supported
+(front) 2.1MP8%Higher resolution second camera kommen sie take pictures und selfiesvs(front) 2MP
+(front) complete HD (1920x1080)125%More bild quality zum recording videos with ns secondary cameravs(front) HD (1280x720)
+CompassAdvantageSensors help you use ns devicevsNot supported
+Fingerprint sensorAdvantageSensors help you use ns devicevsNot supported
+GyroscopeAdvantageSensors help you use ns devicevsNot supported
+802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4Ghz, 5Ghz)AdvantageWiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4Ghz, 5Ghz) ist newer und fastervs802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4Ghz, 5Ghz) + MIMO
1.9GHz 32bit Octa-Corevs+2GHz 64bit Quad-Core48%More powerful processor, you kann open her applications faster
16GB (11.49GB available)vs+32GB (21GB available)83%More internal storage for applications und files
Until 128GB microSD, microSDXCvs+Until 512GB microSD, microSDXC3 timesMore external storage for files using memory cards
Android 6.0 Marshmallowvs+Android 11AdvantageAndroid 11 ist newer and safer
4900 mAhvs+5100 mAh4%Battery - higher amperage (mAh) allows more machine usage time, but it deshalb depends on ns hardware und use
4.0 + A2DPvs+4.2 + A2DPAdvantageBluetooth 4.2 + A2DP is newer und faster

16 typical items in both devices
16 million
(back) 8MP
Only digital zoom
HDR photo only main camera
Full HD (1920x1080)
+9 specs und more in the table below

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