The defense card weil das your chip card

Cashless payment or identification through a chip card are an unstoppable trend. Every supermarket checkout, die ticket terminal or various accessibility controls schutz appropriate readers. This method is so used von thieves zu get your dünn or your money.

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An unprotected card with an RFID ship in the wallet or pocket is no obstacle for potential perpetrators zu access your säule from a short distance. With a RFID blocker that can"t happen. You can in the RFID blocker offer choose from different options.

different colors high high quality processed RFID defense slim entwurf personal usable space-saving accommodation handy und practical



NameBLACKROX credit card instance RFID v money clip shielded mini walletRFID blocker smart safety protective startseite for bank cards, passports, etc.

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RFID Blocker WallTrust RFID NFC, card protection cover credit cards, set des 6RFID Blocker defend your data, card with 0,9mm, card protection | NFCRFID Blocker AntiSpyShop NFC credit transaction card, radio shielding - pack von 5RFID Blocker smart product NFC defense card credit transaction cards 2 piecesPriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck pricecomparison resultNote on ns comparative grade

manufacturersBLACKROXSmart safetyWall TrustProtect her dataAntiSpyShopSmart productTypeCredit CardSilikonhülleSilikonhülleprotection cardSilikonhülleprotection cardKind of blockingpassivepassivepassiveaktivpassivepassivefrequency13,56 MHz13,56 MHz13,56 MHz13,56 MHz13,56 MHz13,56 MHzColors7 x 11 ns 0,6 cm2 x gray and 10 x pastel colors colorfulBlack / TransparentBlack through imprintBlack, red, yellow, green, blueBlack or pink v printDimensionsBlack, blue, brown88 ns 59 mm / 140 x 111 mm89 x 59 mmkA90 ns 63 mm86 x 55 mmISO (IEC compliant)jajajajajajaWhat"s in the boxCredit card case with RFID protection, schädlich box10 safety covers, 2 passport covers6 security covers1 security card5 security covers2 security cardsTÜV testedFeaturesThe specialty lies in the high high quality workmanship und the excellent RFID protection. It guarantee that the cards are retained safe und secure.

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attractive shade differencesalso as a set des 3Noble designStrong colors zum a great distinctionGraduated prices weil das several cardsAdvantages different colors high quality processed RFID protection slim design individually usable space-saving house handy and practical extensive deshalb suitable for passport 12 different colors simple und unobtrusive hindurch front extra thin shields loose cards credit card style shields ns whole wallet colored difference tear-resistant composite zutat durable shields loosened cards dünn Credit card layout shields the whole walletSummaryDue to ns slim design, die card case fits in every pocket. The individual cards are quickly accessible and can be easily replaced.TÜV-tested card sleeves through RFDI protectionSimple, inconspicuous RFID protective cover bei a set of 6RFID blocker cards weil das active protection von all cards an your walletRFID card hülle blocker punkt a reasonable priceRFDI blocker security card bei attractive designsTo the amazon offer