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The inauguration von the culture und convention center carmen WÜRTH FORUM an Künzelsau-Gaisbach was celebrated v a an excellent ceremony top top 18 July 2017, the day carmen Würth celebrated produziert 80th birthday. “I wanted to raise a monument bei my wife’s honor. Carmen und I schutz been married zum 61 years and I am most grateful zum every day invested with her. It ist a an excellent way to keep herstellung memory lively well past our days,”Prof. Dr. H. C. Mult. Reinhold Würth, Chairman von the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group"s household Trusts, explained.

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Multi-purpose event locations

Construction functions lasted 18 months. In that time, a multi-purpose hall, the so-called great Hall, and a room music hall, Reinhold Würth Hall, were developed directly across the road from the head office of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG ~ above a surface area des 170,000 square meters.

The great Hall ist suitable zum functions such as anniversary celebrations, congresses, trade shows or product presentations und can host up zu 2,500 guests.

A fully glazed collection surrounds ns event space in the great Hall. Ns gallery level opens up onto a terrace offering a an excellent view von the landscape bei the Hohenlohe region.


Up zu 600 guests tun können experience the unique sound quality of Reinhold Würth Hall. Additional electronic equipment weil das concerts zu sein not required, many thanks to ns special design und surface quality von the closely selected ceiling und wall panels. Your fine perforation helps absorb any kind of undesirable vibrations ensuring optimum sound quality zum all listeners. Equipped with state-of-the-art occasion technology, Reinhold Würth Hall’s special ambiance makes die hall bei ideal venue weil das more prestigious client events.


The indoor infrastructure are complemented von a big open-air area zum all kinds des outdoor events with space zum up kommen sie 10,000 visitors. Carmen WÜRTH forum is combined into a sculpture garden special works of internationally renowned sculptors such as Tony Cragg, Niki außerdem Saint Phalle, Antony Caro, Jaume Plensa or georg Baselitz.

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Outstanding architecture

As part von the corporate functioning culture, Prof. Dr. H. C. Mult. Reinhold Würth, Chairman des the Supervisory Board von the Würth Group’s family Trusts, has constantly tried zu integrate contemporary architectural ideas into ns company’s neu buildings, turning them into much more than only purpose-built office buildings zum the employees. This culture zu sein reflected an the Würth Group’s numerous administration und warehouse buildings and its relevant galleries. They bear witness to ns Group’s fast development und are great examples des the architectural layouts that were famous at die time these industrial structures were constructed. This devotion kommen sie architecture – die most public form of nett – is also reflected bei CARMEN WÜRTH FORUM.

CARMEN WÜRTH forum was designed von British architect david Chipperfield. Harmoniously embedded bei the Hohenlohe landscape, die building chin captivates ns viewer with its timeless elegance. Two sustaining walls made of roughened in-situ concrete frame the square bei front of the building’s main entrance. Crossing ns well-lit entrance hall from the hauptsächlich entrance, visitors kann access die Great Hall und Reinhold Würth Hall. David Chipperfield described ns building as “a symbol for the comes together von the people past their desks, beyond die place of work.” that demonstrates ns aspirations of a company that sees its function beyond basic commercial criteria.”

In 2017, carmen WÜRTH gericht won the Hugo Häring Prize. Ns Hugo Häring Prize zu sein awarded über the Baden-Württemberg regional group of the association of German Architects (BDA) zu honor architects and building owners weil das their joint work kommen sie erect superior architecture. “The content, use and origins also as ns architectural design und interaction with ns surrounding landscape do this project a cultural contribution von great value that has actually received prayer well beyond ns borders of the region,” the jury stated in its report.

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