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The Red warm Chili Peppers ultimately played your headlining set punkt Rock am Ring in Germany tonight- reserved performance zeit were delayed due to the fact that of wanne weather. Germany has been hit von severe storms end the tonnage two days and yesterday, 71 world were taken zu hospital from the concert


 Credit: Henrik Lewandowski 

Date: Saturday 4th June, 2016

Location: Mendig, Germany



 Credits: Henrik Lewandowski 

Set List:


Credit: Henrik Lewandowski 

Can’t Stop

Dani California

Snow ((Hey Oh))

Dark Necessities

Nobody Weird favor Me



Right on Time

The Getaway

Under ns Bridge

Suck mine Kiss


By die Way


Soul to Squeeze

Give it Away

Anthony Kiedis und Flea jumping throughout ‘Suck mine Kiss’


Credit: Henrik Lewandowski

During Ethiopia:


Credit: Henrik Lewandowski


Credit: Henrik Lewandowski 

Some screenshots des the livestream. (Many thanks zu Wil Vrijhof for these!)





Whole Show:

Many thanks kommen sie Henrik zum posting from die concert und for allowing us to use his photographs.Thanks deshalb to Wil for the screenshots und Elaine zum sourcing links!

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