HRB 8556 PI: previous company: PROKON wind - kräfte für einer lebenswerte potentielle kunden - GmbH, Itzehoe, Ungenannte Str.

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??, 25524 Itzehoe, Germany. Firm name: PROKON Regenerative Energien GmbH; ns aism is: (a) the planning, construction, acquisition, operation and management von sustainable projects zum the production/production and/or use von renewable/alternative power sources, bei particular wind farms; - ns use des biomass; - i beg your pardon serve kommen sie satisfy the radikale needs des human beings; at various places within und outside ns Federal Republic von Germany, too as die distribution and sale des the products produced und the (particularly electrical) energy (b) ns acquisition und management von shareholdings und the acquisition des personal liability und management of commercial suppliers (e.g. Together a basic partner) in particular an the locations referred to an 1a, too as die development, production and distribution von technologies necessary weil das this purpose (c) ns management von the Company"s assets, in particular the auslieferung of capital zum use on the basis of miscellaneous legal relationships und advising private and public authorities, in particular bei connection with ns design und implementation des investments in the field des energy and environmental defense investments, bei particular, but notfall exclusively, ns issuance des profit-sharing rights, this firm bonds, bonds von debt or convertible bonds, ns brokerage of capital, excluding activities covered von the regulation on Investment suppliers or Banking carriers (d) die operation of in advertising and marketing agency, in addition to ns development, implementation, optimisation und financing des advertising campaigns, in particular an the field von renewable energies and ecological technologies, zum society itself und for third parties (e) die acquisition, holding und management des land. Die company is entitled zu pledge or debit the festland as collateral zum its very own liabilities as well as zum liabilities of the PROKON kopieren, gruppe of companies.

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No longer managing Director: 4th Kirchner, Lorenz Friedrich Johannes; legal form: by resolution des the shareholders" conference of april 23, 2012, sections 1 (company und registered office), ar 2 (object of the company), ar 5 (management) and section 6 (company meetings) von the social contract to be amended or supplemented.

This filing was translated native German zu English. Die filing refers kommen sie a previous date, und does not necessarily reflect ns current state. The current state ist available on die following page: PROKON Regenerative Energien GmbH, Itzehoe, Germany.

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