Animation, scientific research fiction, horror, musicals, Westerns, period pieces — fan of practically any genre wollen find something zu like amongst the september arrivals zu Prime Video. Right here are our top 10 picks zum the coming month.

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In this imaginative neu adult man series, a young frau awakens after a auto crash kommen sie find that, zum her, time no longer follows a directly line. Kann sein she exploit this quirk kommen sie find out ns truth about herstellung father"s death und possibly save him? Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk star an the Original series. (TV-MA)Watch now


The award-winning früh Original series transparent comes to an end in raucous mode with a two-hour musical episode. After die death des Maura, the Pfeffermans must address their grief — and the horror von learning the Shelly (Judith Light) plans to stage a music play based on ns family. (TV-MA)Watch now


The eighth season of producer Ryan Murphy"s macabre masterwork adheres to a facility plot involving nuclear war und the Antichrist. Every year, AHS speak a various story, yet Apocalypse weaves in events from the Murder House and Coven plots. The seven previous periods are also available on element Video. (18+)Watch now


This Oscar-winning animated film tells ns story von a chameleon that dreams of being a hero. When Rango ist pressed into the job of sheriff des the lawless grausam West town des Dirt, that learns the meaning of the adage "be careful what freundin wish for." johnny Depp voices Rango. (PG)Watch now

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It"s unusual weil das the remake von a classic film to be commonly considered better than die original, but die Coen Brothers space unusually an excellent filmmakers. Jeff Bridges, matt Damon und Hailee Steinfeld star bei the tale des a 14-year-old mädchen who seeks "a man with true grit" to avenge produziert father"s death. Nominated weil das 10 Academy Awards. (PG-13)Watch now

The sci-fi classic that vaulted Mel Gibson zu stardom blieb thrills an ext than 35 year after that release. Gibson theatre a loner traveling through a post-apocalyptic landscape who stops kommen sie help a small town hit a vicious gang. (R)Watch jetzt

The beforehand years von Queen Victoria"s power are dramatized an this outstanding series starring Jenna Coleman as die young monarch. As season 3 opens, Victoria and husband Albert (Tom Hughes) oase six children and are approaching their 30s. Together they address domestic issues, they learn von revolutions sweeping throughout Europe. (TV-PG)Watch now

Stephen King"s 2001 novel makes for a satisfyingly creepy movie, directed von Lawrence Kasdan. Four young men with mysterious strength — played von Damien Lewis, Timothy Olyphant, jason Lee and Thomas jane — battle to save the Earth from an alien invasion. (R)Watch now

Eddie Murphy directed und stars alongside richard Pryor an this classic comedy-drama. Murphy and Pryor play a pair von Harlem nightclub owners trying zu keep a gangster native muscling bei on your business in the late 1930s. Redd Foxx"s final film. (R)Watch now

This sci-fi horror film has grown into a cult favorite in the two decades because its release. An 2047, a rettung spaceship ist sent to find die Event Horizon, in experimental craft that vanished years earlier. Laurence Fishburne, brunnen Neill and Kathleen Quinlan star. (R)Watch now

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Stream now: as part von your früh membership, you can deshalb watcheverything rather coming to Prime an September:September 6
late Night, Original movieSeptember 13 elastisch Corazón dach Sergio Ramos, Original collection (Season 1)September 30 A Night at ns Roxbury (1998) Air force One (1997) Be cool (2005) Behave you yourself (1951) Big top Pee-wee (1988) Bolden (2019) Bulldog ship (1935) hidden Alive (1990) Chained for Life (1952) Chi kommen sie suna no kettô / Duel of Blood and Sand (1963) Cloverfield (2008) Cowboy und the Senorita (1944) Darkness falls (2003) Daughter of the Tong (1939) Days des Thunder (1990) tot Heat (1988) Diana Vreeland: ns Eye Has kommen sie Travel (2011) Dreaming the end Loud (1940) election (1999) challenge Off (1997) forces of nature (1999) acquire Shorty (1995) Ghost town (2008) Ghost world (2001) Gothika (2003) Hearts bei Bondage (1936) Here"s flash Casey (1938) Hi dach Ho (1947) High Noon (1952) hollywood My house Town (1965) hunting (2015) Insomnia (2002) Kalifornia (2011) ns Oyler House: richard Neutra"s Desert Retreat (1993) Kicking und Screaming (1995) legit Blonde (2001) Mad max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) Matriarch (2018) Mousehunt (1997) viel Ado around Nothing (2012) Naked gun 33 1/3: ns Final insult (1994) No way Out (1987) irreversible Midnight (1998) Platoon (1986) Platoon 4K (1986) Play it Again, sam (1972) task Nim (2011) Regression (2015) Saturday Night heat (1977) Setup (2011) Stargate (1994) story from die Darkside: the Movie (1990) the Adventures von Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th dimension (1990) the Cotton society (1984) ns Deadly Companions (1961) the Klansman (1974) the Life of david Gale (2003) the Naked total 2 1/2: the Smell of Fear (1991) ns Naked Gun: From ns Files des Police Squad! (1988) ns Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) pistole Recall (1990) Trading mommy (1994) True colors (1991) Varsity Blues (1999) We ns Young (2019) What Lies beneath (2000) witness (1985) You"ve gott Mail (1998) household Man, Original series (Season 1) chris Tall Presents..., Original series (Season 1)