Heidelberg. TTear offen the pouches, pull out the five sticker labels – either anfang the jubilee pose or acquire irritated over die doubles. Football fans or those who want kommen sie become one from an early age will sooner or later come across ns iconic little Panini stickers. Die Italian agency from Modena has actually been selling die stickers of the football player from all over the world especially zum the large tournaments since ns 1970 world Cup in Mexico.

But ns sticker sector has lang since ceased zu focus exclusively on football. Die palette von colorful images ranges from cyclists, Peppa Pig, stern Wars zu Bibi & Tina. And bei addition to Panini, miscellaneous supermarket chain are now very hot on die stickers.

They want zu attract customers with their very own collections. For example, Rewe has the “official DFB scrapbook”. Und the Italian competitor Ferrero also mixes well through its arsenal booklet v a 2021 edition. Nevertheless, Panini remains ns market leader.

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nur a few of the coveted pictures from the past decades: Ronaldo. Photo: Panini

Euro 2020? It’s already 2021!

That too! corona has deshalb shaken up die sticker picture industry. early out to die postponement von the european Championship kommen sie 2021 und the decision von UEFA the all posters, banners, fans articles und the logo should remain, Panini was forced kommen sie leave ns stickers and booklets, which had currently been published a million times, on die market. Weil das this, however, ns so-called “updates” had zu be much more generosity – here players are blieb reprinted who were notfall yet foreseeable sechs months before the event.

There ist probably a crystal ball an Modena to foresee die players von the respective teams. Die Panini fight rate at the tonnage European Championship in 2016 weil das the German mannschaft was a an excellent 70 percent. Six of the 20 selected football player weren’t even there: marco Reus and Ilkay Gündogan were missing due to injuries. Christoph Kramer, maximal Kruse, Erik Durm und Matthias Ginter were not appointed. Und who would oase expected christen Günther (SC Freiburg) und Kevin Volland (AS Monaco) this year?

Collection frenzy und swap exchange

How viel the collecting mania has gripped the globe, even in the age von the Internet, kann sein not only be seen in sales. But it is a solid indicator: in the 2018 world Cup, Panini achieved annual sales des over one billion euros. Especially in the host countries von major football events, the sales numbers shoot up kommen sie unimaginable heights. At die 2006 welt Cup summer fairy tale bei Germany, end 160 million sticker bags to be sold in Germany. Supermarket chains, department stores or kiosks even give far stickers to inspire customers who room crazy about football.

For marketing fließend Martin Fassnacht from the WHU unternehmen school, success seems programmed. “From die supermarket’s point des view, it always pays off. The children urge their parents zu go shopping over there because of the pictures.” und the “doubles”?

In the past, sie had kommen sie swap at meetings or with newspaper advertisements. V the online file share sites und thousands top top thousands von members in Facebook groups, die scene has adjusted completely. Die users placed their wishes in handwritten lists des numbers or in Excel tables online and swap everything they can. This boosts the chance of acquiring his album full. Preferably before die final top top July 11th in London.

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just a few von the coveted images from the past decades: oliver Bierhoff. Photo: Panini

Behavioral economist felix Klimm from ns Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich hülle the society aspect an the foreground: “If countless children in a class have a Panini album, ns desire zum their own album can be really great weil das those who do notfall collect. ” Football fans of all eras are passionate about collecting – also in recognition von the stars. Ns focus on the wallet often takes a back seat.

Prices rise, but deswegen does die number des collectible pictures

Everything gets much more expensive somehow: membership bei the club, football jerseys or die stadium sausage with mustard. The ausgezeichnet Italians from Modena deshalb know exactly which convey screws need to be turned. A sticker jetzt costs 20 cents – a bag zum one euro. In 2018 the price was 18 cents, an 2014 it was only fünfzehn cents. A preis increase des over ten percent von year. It looks similar with ns number of pictures. There zu sein space zum 678 stickers bei the existing issue. Die collector only needed 354 zu complete die booklet at the 1996 europe Championship. At die EM 2008 the number kommissar to 535.

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To complete ns album – theoretically, if there weren’t any doubles – a little less than 136 packages space needed. Deshalb that’s 135.60 euros plus the two euros zum the magazine. If a probability formula ist used, und only a rudimentary knowledge des mathematics is required, it would certainly take practically 1000 sachets to glue die album trost on your own. A noble destination for die-hard Panini collectors. And bei a pinch, if the swap doesn’t really arbeiten out, lacking stickers (maximum 100 pieces) kann sein be reordered directly from Panini. Yet who looks at a solution kommen sie a crossword puzzle puzzle prior to puzzling? die fun zu sein a lot on die wallet. If sachen go well, an album favor this might be enough zum a small car.

nur a few von the coveted images from ns past decades: jürgen Klinsmann. Photo: Panini

Sticker as in object von speculation

Gold is an investment, und sneakers are now too. But Panini stickers? maybe yes. Together with almost everything, ns same applies here: the older, die rarer and the better the condition, ns more valuable. Die international ausführung with 271 stuck stickers from ns 1970 world Cup an Mexico brought in in amazing 12,038 euros at in auction – signed von the Brazilian legend Pelé.

Individual images are not very popular, rather special occasions drive ns collectors to bid best sums. A panini box with 100 unopened sachets from the 1986 world Cup an Mexico, zum example, fetched a whopping 2250 euros. Not everyone has 40-year-old panini utensils lying around at home, und albums that room not dafür old deshalb increase bei value – occasionally empty or full.

A full album from the 1998 welt Cup bei France ist traded zum up kommen sie 400 euros. In 30 years’ time, ns current EM booklet can be much more valuable than freundin would oase thought – and maybe an ext than any kind of other. It is definitely special wie man it claims 2020 but it states 2021. Dafür it ist never too late weil das the collecting mania und you are never too old.