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"Orange zu sein the new Black" star Dascha Polanco clarifies produziert character"s up-in-the-air fate after die series letzte of die Netflix jail dramedy.

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Orange is the new Black had ns immense task des wrapping up multiple character storylines before signing off after seven seasons. Und while Jenji Kohan’s Netflix prison dramedy completed that feat in its final run, one hauptsächlich character’s ending was purposefully left up in the air.

Dayanara Diaz (Dascha Polanco), who ist better well-known as Daya within the confines von Litchfield Penitentiary, ended produziert story similar zu how that began. Bei the zuerst episode des the series, viewers room introduced to Daya’s incarcerated mother wie Aleida Diaz (Elizabeth Rodriguez) slaps produziert daughter across the face. Aleida, viewers come to realize, has actually made plenty of mistakes as a mother. But produziert disappointment in her daughter showing hoch at Litchfield zu sein what cd driver Aleida zu lash out bei anger.

In ns series finale, Aleida once again sees red, und this time her rage response is driven by in inherent need to protect her other daughters. Throughout OITNB‘s run, Aleida and Daya have represented the plights that incarcerated mothers and daughters face and how ns generational cycle tun können continue without proper care on the inside or enough support on ns outside. After getting released two seasons ago, Aleida ends up back at Litchfield wie man she violates produziert parole; produziert story of recidivism play out together a parallel to die more privileged leading inmate des Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling).

In the final moments of the series, the mother des five finds out that Daya zu sein attempting to pull another one von Aleida’s daughters into their cycle und takes matters into herstellung own hands. Faced with die woman produziert daughter has actually become, Aleida strangles Daya. The image viewers room left with is one des Aleida ~ above top von Daya with produziert hands around her neck as Daya struggles to prahlen through an injured windpipe.

“How perfectly poetic und tragic,” Rodriguez tells The hollywood Reporter des the final scene, i beg your pardon she says bookended produziert entireOITNB experience. After ~ filming Aleida’s introduce slap top top the first day von filming, Aleida and Daya’s final augenblicke was one of the belastung to shoot. “You hope the it’s notfall definitive, since there’s already deswegen much tragedy. Aleida’s remind shows just how pain kann make you get kommen sie a point des rage however here, she could also be thinking, ‘Daya can’t direkt this way, I schutz to carry out this kommen sie her."”

Polanco, however, states she gott a definitive klasse from die writers around Daya’s fate.

“They do it an extremely clear kommen sie me that ich don’t die,” she speak THR. “I assumed that she did. But ns writers called me, ‘She doesn’t die, but she it s okay knocked out really good.’ and I establish it was going kommen sie be left as that question.”

Below, an a chat with THR, Polanco mirrors on Daya’s heartbreaking entwickeln (“Her story zu sein the product des a cycle”), share what she would oase liked zu see weil das her character’s ending und challenges hollywood to continue zu follow inOITNB‘s footsteps.


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The majority von the cast had no idea how large their components — or the show — would become wie signing on for OITNB in 2012.How did die role of Daya exceed her expectations?

The description weil das Daya was basically just a spain girl bei prison. Ich remember the my audition scene was with my mom und she was telling me, “You need zu stay far from hamburgers.” i worked deswegen many job at ns time und was an nursing school. Whatever went season by season; ich didn’t even know if ich was going to be a part des the second. But the response from die audience all over ns world was very surprising. This was my erste experience on a zeigen with a platform prefer Netflix. Other human being came from network television, but ich had nothing to compare. Orangereached the masses und our audience was all over.Seven years later, it’s blieb mind-boggling the I can walk approximately somewhere favor France and hear who calling mine name. Und from a business perspective, Orange taught me what i want as a frau moving forward an this industry.

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Daya gone into the zeigen as someone who was sweet and sensitive; in artist und loner trying zu navigate jail with herstellung mother. Her relationship v C.O. Bennett (Matt McGorry) was a fan-favorite romance; then everything changed wie they got pregnant and schemed to have Pornstache (PabloSchreiber) take ns fall. Top top a bigger scale, the storyline explored ns culture von sexual abuse bolzen guards and inmates. At the time, were your nervous about the response?

At zuerst I was deshalb like, “This is a liebe story. This is so cute.” Then, ~ stepping out des it, freundin realize we are bei a prison and this zu sein not allowed. This ist abuse von power. But we can’t pretend the it doesn’t happen. Ich met a woman who had actually a partnership with a guard while she was incarcerated. She remembers that he dropped so an love with herstellung that that would blieb write her when that wasn’t there und outside, when she was released, castle stayed bei touch. The fell in love with her. Sie hear those stories. You see the dynamics an there and the dynamics of women that fall an love with each other. They build relationships zu survive and that’s what Daya’s story shows: herstellung hoping zu survive within her limits und within die circumstances she was dealt.

Matt McGorry was written out due to the fact that he booked an additional job. To be there ever plans to bring ihm back in any capacity weil das closure?

The an answer was, “How can he leaving you?” civilization were deshalb mad about it und they’re ausblüten mad around it! But ich stayed an my Daya lane. Ich would never inquire. Ich was really careful at the time. I try kommen sie be as experienced as i can and not ruffle any kind of feathers. It was my first opportunity so I cared zum it through such delicacy because ich didn’t want it kommen sie leave mine hands.

All von those beforehand traumas led to Daya picking up die gun und setting off die riot for season five. She sponsor Pornstache’s mom custody of herstellung daughter und turns herself bei before viewers see her again in Max. What did you know about how dark jene would turn zum her an these final two seasons?

I had no idea if ich was going kommen sie come zurück or notfall . Ich didn’t even know what zu say zum interviews. Ich was waiting and waiting zu get that speak to saying, “You’re back. Don’t worry.” i did notfall know that was going zu be the last thing you would lakers of Daya for the season. I was waiting for reassurance, but wie man you schutz such a large cast, there’s a last going on and it’s much more about exactly how everything ist going to move. I think your concentration was on the bigger picture.


Jenji Kohan and executive producer Tara herrmann called ns series regulars zu tell sie season 7 would it is in the ende and, for the zuerst time, they filled you an on your season’s arc. Exactly how did freundin react kommen sie the zeigen coming to an end?

We got the call before we went rückseitig for season seven. This season we began a wenig bit later in August, so it ich renne weg into February. But wie man we uncovered out, everybody was getting ns calls around ns same time. Ns reaction was: “Wait, is this call to tell me that I’m excellent or that ns show’s going kommen sie continue?” Every season ich was like, “Is this die last?” due to the fact that they weren’t deshalb affirmative when it came zu how long this nur would go. I do think the could oase gone 10 seasons. There’s deswegen much the we need to cover that could oase kept united state going. We could have gone zum at least three more years, but we are finishing strong.

Daya zu sein facing life in prison. She developed a dependency on drugs kommen sie get by, yet she takes sachen up a notch this season wie she takes over Litchfield’s medicine trade. First, she (accidentally) killed girlfriend dad (Vicci Martinez) and an the end, she sets up produziert own mother and puts produziert siblings in jeopardy. Wie you seen how far she has actually fallen in Litchfield, oase you reconciled with exactly how Daya’s story ends?

Oh, Daya. I’m walking to fehlschlagen her. Ich wanted herstellung to have a moment of closure through Bennett. Ich wanted produziert to inquire about produziert daughter. I wanted more of Pornstache. Despite we execute see er through Daya’s baby, i wanted to lakers Daya actually inquire about her daughter. Ich would oase loved to seen that interaction. Produziert curiosity as a mother, produziert artistry — that all ended up being obsolete. That’s what happens wie man you oase no hope.

Viewers never actually seen a dead Daya. What were her conversations like with Kohan and the writers around leaving the up in the air?

They made it an extremely clear to me that ich don’t die. I thought that she did. But the writers said me, “She doesn’t die, but she gets knocked the end really well.” and I realized it was going zu be left as that question.I plot that the end really well, huh? (Laughs.)


Because ich said, “Wait a minute! go she die?” That was explained kommen sie me.


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This interview has been edited and condensed zum clarity.


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