Opel astra k 1.4 turbo test

How kann sein you turn ns odds in your favor in a segment where rivals space adapted und ready zu jump weist your neck whenever die opportunity arises? the answer is a no-brainer, really: you improve.

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The all-new Opel/Vauxhall Astra zu sein here and besides being constructed on brothers soil, die compact modell received a considerable technology infusion. That is deshalb lighter, shorter und more spacious, dafür let us paint ns details in the adhering to lines.


Both inside and outside, the new Opel Astra K proposes a much more attractive approach, visually speaking. However inside ist where all die changes matter. Besides ns brisk cues, quality was also boosted if us are kommen sie draw a comparison bolzen the vault generation.By quality, we also mean a better use of space inside und the decision to drop ns confusing knoten will be a invited one zum both previous Astra owners und new clients. We"ll just have to see how dependable the new Astra K möchte be, so time möchte tell us more.

Cargo space zum the new Opel Astra K provides 371 liters, a number that places die hatchback behind the VW golf (379 liters) and ahead von competitors like ns Ford focus (362 liters) and Mazda3 (351 liters). A short loading lip renders sure both loading and unloading kann be lugged out without a fuss, and if her organizing skills are sharp enough, you kann fit enough luggage pieces zum a quick family roadtrip.As sie move inside ns cockpit, you"ll notification cubby holes space limited, but die medium-sized glovebox, ns two cupholders, und the wide, boxy armrest do up for this kommen sie some extent. Also, if you"re in need von carrying larger items, die split-foldable zurück seats offer bei almost-flat platform at ns pull of a handle. The system doesn"t come close to ns Magic seat setup provided über the Honda Civic, however it it s okay the job done nonetheless.

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Opel adapted the new Astra K to ns market"s demands and the 8-inch infotainment system we mentioned earlier offers android Auto und Apple CarPlay compatibility. There"s also an USB harbor positioned inside ns central armrest which i think would have been a lot more beneficial if it sat somewhere on die center console or possibly on the median tunnel.Nevertheless, die graphics room smooth und glitch-free, und you"ll spot plenty of logic an how ns menus are set up.

8/ 10

Our prüfung was fitted through a 1.4-liter ECOTEC engine supplying 150 HP manageable through a six-speed manual. It also came with in automatic Start/Stop duty which contributed to the average fuel consumption von 7.2 l/100 km (39.2 mpg) us managed kommen sie obtain. That"s a bit far off native what Opel advertises (4.9 l/100 km or 57.6 mpg) but still a decent worth considering we took the neu Astra K top top motorways, A-roads, B-roads und around the city.

In die UK, the new Astra zu sein available with no less than seven trim levels: Design, tech Line, Energy, SRi, SRi Nav, Elite, upstream Nav. Every new Opel Astra K offers standard attributes like former driver and passenger airbags, curtain airbags, ESP und ABS, hill anfang assist, 16-inch alloys, a expedition computer, cruise control, waiting conditioning, led DRLs too as ns IntelliLink touchscreen infotainment system.Option list consists of heated and ventilated seats with massage function and a 16-way electric flexible feature, 17-inch wheels and dual-zone climate control.

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UK prices zum the new Vauxhall Astra K start at £15,295 but weil das this sticker, you"ll get the 1.0-liter gas unit good zum 105 HP mated kommen sie a five-speed manual, every wrapped up an the entry-level design trim. However, a well-equipped Astra K powered über the 1.6-liter CDTi BiTurbo unit through 160 HP, Start/Stop system und six-speed manual wollen quickly withdraw at least £22,800 from her pockets. In Germany, die cheapest Opel Astra K you can buy starts at €17,260. However, keep bei mind that a well-equipped Astra kann sein wear a starting preis tag of over €21,000.In essence, the new Astra is blieb biased in the direction of comfort und most customers wollen appreciate that. Apart from the obvious visual changes, die compact hatchback also improved as far as quality und ergonomics are pertained to – in a nutshell, Opel operated on the car"s weaknesses und apparently turned them right into strengths, i m sorry means ns Astra kann sein successfully compete versus rivals like the VW Golf, Ford Focus and Mazda3.