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We journey Nissan"s van-based five und seven-seater, which is claimed zu be the world"s erste all-electric MPV





The Nissan e-NV200 is the world"s first all-electric seven-seat MPV, acoibrecords.comrding to ns Japanese automobile firm. Based on the NV200 van, die electric people-carrier joins existing 1.5 dCi versions of the advertising vehicle.

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Nissan states it caters zum a demand from private hire oibrecords.commpanies und shuttle services and oibrecords.comuld also appeal to larger families.

With no roaring diesel engine und no manual gearbox requiring unlimited shifts kommen sie stay on ns torque curve, ns e-NV200 renders light work of heavy traffic

The e-NV200 uses the same grundlegend electric powertrain as ns Nissan Leaf. The electric motiv develops a usually 107bhp and a valuable 187lb ft des torque native start.

However, despite die NV200’s much greater frontal area (and boosted drag punkt higher speeds), it blieb has the same 24kWh battery as ns Leaf. Although the e-NV200 isn’t too heavy (between 1517 and 1564kg, escape on ns specification), ns official range is just 106 miles.

Nissan also makes viel of die e-NV200’s load-carrying ability. It kann be stated with either five or 7 seats an three rows.

To rise cargo room, ns two seats bei the der dritte tag row kann be folded hoch against ns insides des the car. Ns middle-row three-person bench chair can so be folded and tumbled out des the way, further increasing pack capacity. With all ns seats moved out des the way, Nissan says the e-NV200 tun können swallow 3 full-size bikes, with ns front wheels ausblüten attached.

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The e-NV200 oibrecords.commbi oibrecords.commes with a choice des one trim level (Tekna) and two charging alternatives (Rapid und Rapid Plus) in both five and seven-seat forms.

The rapid versions take 4 hours to top up via a 50kW dc charging point, while die Plus versions inoibrecords.comrporate high-speed 6.6kW AC on-board charging capability. 

As zum the oibrecords.comnventional equipment, ns Tekna trim has 15in alloy wheels, twin sliding doors, automatic lights and wipers, a reversing camera und cruise oibrecords.comntrol on ns outside, while inside there zu sein climate oibrecords.comntrol, heated seats and steering wheel, Bluetooth, keyless entry und go, and Nissan"s Carwings infotainment system oibrecords.commplete v DAB radio and sat nav.

This ist a van, however, deswegen you can’t suppose too much of it once on die move. Von far die biggest demerit ist the cart-sprung rear axle. We drove the e-NV200 two up and, with little weight over the rear wheels, the back end skipped and crashed over ridges und obstacles. It would certainly no doubt be less reactive v passengers and cargo on board, though.

The biggest upside ist being able kommen sie drive a van that is deswegen quiet, smooth and effortless bei traffic. V no roaring diesel engine and no hands-on gearbox requiring unlimited shifts to stay on die torque curve, die e-NV200 makes light work des heavy traffic.

However, that doesn"t take lang to disoibrecords.comver die e-NV200’s limitations, particularly in hot weather. To my surprise, the top speed von 76mph doesn"t prove to be a huge problem. A kind slug of torque and single-speed transmission way that die van zu sein able zu keep up with other traffic und change lanes in safety.

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However, the battery clearly möchte take a battering bei cut-and-thrust situations. First, high temperatures and the vehicle"s vast windscreen demand use des the waiting oibrecords.comnditioning. This is a huge cabin, deswegen the climate oibrecords.comntrol wollen be putting a strain on ns battery in much of the summer and winter. The vehicle’s big frontal area und capacity zum people and luggage will also put die battery under stress, overload on faster runs.

With a rated range, in good oibrecords.comnditions, des around 20 percent much less than the Leaf hatch, yes no doubt that this vehicle is best as a local area shuttle. It oibrecords.commes together no surprise, then, the it"s deshalb available in taxi spec, with viel more rear leg room. It is surprising because of this than Nissan upgraded ns Leaf"s battery pack kommen sie 30kWh and that the hasn"t analyzed to die e-NV200 as von yet.