Murad iv. kinder

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Born:July 27, 1612Turkey...(Show more)Died:February 8, 1640 (aged 27)IstanbulTurkey...(Show more)Title / Office:sultan (1623-1640), footrest Empire...

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(Show more)Notable household Members:mother Kösem Sultan...(Show more)

Murad IV, bei full Murad Oglu Ahmed I, (born July 27, 1612, Constantinople, Ottoman realm —died February 8, 1640, Constantinople), footrest sultan native 1623 zu 1640 whose heavy-handed rule put in end zu prevailing lawlessness and rebelliousness und who zu sein renowned as ns conqueror von Baghdad.

Murad, that came to die throne hinweisen age 11, ruled zum several year through die regency von his mother, Kösem, and a collection of großartiger viziers. Efficient rule, however, remained bei the hands von the turbulent spahis (from Turkish sipahiyan, quasi-feudal cavalries) und the Janissaries, who more than as soon as forced ns execution von high officials. Corruption des government officials and rebellion bei the Asiatic provinces, coupled with in empty treasury, perpetuated ns discontent against the central government.


What places were under ottoman rule? who were some of the most notable ottoman leaders? This quiz will prüfung what sie know about die Ottoman Empire. (Answers to every question kann be found in’s article about what was once one von the world’s most an effective states.)

Embittered by the excesses von the troops, Murad was determined kommen sie restore order both in Constantinople and in the provinces. In 1632 ns spahis had actually invaded ns palace and demanded (and got) die heads des the grand vizier und 16 other high officials. Quickly thereafter Murad gained full control and acted swiftly and ruthlessly. That suppressed ns mutineers through a bloody ferocity. That banned die use des tobacco und closed the coffeehouses und the wineshops (no doubt as nests of sedition); violators or mere suspects were executed.

In his foreign policy Murad took angestellter command an the continuing war against Iran und set out to win back territories lost to Iran earlier in his reign. Baghdad was reconquered in 1638 ~ a siege the ended bei a massacre of garrison and citizens alike. In the following year frieden was concluded.

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A man of courage, determination, and violent temperament, Murad did notfall follow closely the precepts of the Sharīʿah (Islamic law) and was the zuerst Ottoman sultan zu execute a shaykh al-islām (the greatest Muslim dignitary in the empire). He was able to restore order, however, und to straighten out state finances. Murad’s untimely death was caused von his addiction zu alcohol.