Mini Countryman Test 2018

Mini appears bent on separating its Countryman SUV from ns BMW X1 that rides on the same platform von virtue von its powertrain options. You kann sein edge right into a front-drive, three-cylinder ’man zum only $27,450, which to represent $7445 bei savings over an entry-level X1. Or you tun können opt for a Cooper s or john Cooper functions version, which market varying degrees of heat from ns same four-banger that’s discovered under ns hood von the BMW. And, unlike ns X1, all three Minis offer a hand-operated transmission option.

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Now Mini has tossed an entirely different powerplant into die mix, a plug-in-hybrid version called die Mini Cooper S feige Countryman All4, which, if we’re frank, is a name nearly as bad—if not as amusing—as BMW individual M760Li xDrive model V12 Excellence the NEXT 100 YEARS. As freundin may recall, that was a ja wirklich car the BMW actually sold, presumably with ns sort of straight face that’s diametrically protest to the lighthearted mien the Bavarians try zu project durch their funky british brand.


Nicer Innards

While die previous-generation Countryman felt auch cheap inside zum its lofty preis point, this latest model zu sein a pretty piece, one not bedeviled (at least wie man new) von the shakes und rattles the seem to plague any kind of Mini Hardtop more stiffly dance than the base Cooper. The inhaltsstoff quality ist vastly boosted inside, and it retains the brand’s whimsical one motif that folks uncover either beloved or cloying. Us usually find ourselves bei the last camp. The S e hybrid comes well equipped, and our test car was low ~ above discretionary additions, featuring only parking assist ($500), a head-up screen ($750), and a one-year subscription kommen sie SiriusXM satellite radio ($300). The tonnage 500 bucks on die options sheet were consumed up über the Melting silver metallic paint.

HIGHS: neatly packaged hybrid bits, vastly enhanced interior versus ns previous Countryman"s, quick.

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Dynamically, the electrified Countryman falls a little short von the brand’s zippy heritage. Hinweisen 3915 pounds, it’s a totality ton und a 4 minutes 1 heavier than Sir Alec Issigonis’s original Mini. It’s motivated by a combined 221 horsepower from a 134-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-three driving die front wheel and in 87-hp electric motor powering die rears. The pair von powerplants pushes ns Countryman to 60 mph an a respectable 5.8 seconds, yet there’s a sort von leadenness to its behavior that die spry BMW X1 avoids, even if ns Mini bests the belastung AWD example von the Bimmer we tested through ns quarter-mile über 0.3 second.


The BMW go manage to outperform die Mini on die skidpad, pulling 0.84 g to this Countryman’s 0.82. The Mini’s steering zu sein direct, accurate, and reasonably weighted, return we’d ask for more feel through ns tiller. Occasionally, the steering seems eager to write checks die portly chassis ist hesitant zu cash, resulting bei moderate understeer and some wallowy actions during spirited driving. Whereby we felt die plug-in Countryman really dropped down was under braking. Its 193-foot stop from 70 mph was 17 feet furthermore than the nonhybrid s we recently tested. Worse zu sein that the hybrid’s pedal functions a dead, north bit von travel at the top, whereby there’s no remarkable action—regenerative or mechanical—going on. Fundamentally, the electrified portion des the car feels prefer a hastily engineered afterthought, and perhaps the most miraculous things about ns hybridization space that packaging die extra mechanicals raises the rear seat von only 1.2 inches and impinges on cargo volume—whether the rear seat are trost or down—by less than hilfreich a cubic foot.

Pretty Mild weil das a Plug-In Hybrid

It appears curious that Mini walk to ns trouble of launching a neu plug-in hybrid zum 2018 that offers, über the EPA, a only 12 miles of electric-only range from the 7.6-kWh battery pack. Kommen sie put that an perspective, the Toyota Prius Prime ist rated hinweisen 25 miles on electrical energy alone, while ns Chevrolet volt carries a 53-mile stamp from the EPA. Also BMW’s 330e, which uses the same battery verpacktem paired through a torquier electric motor, nets a 14-mile score. We saw 27 MPGe overall. Blame our eager appropriate feet. Coincidentally, this Mini’s generieren combined fuel-economy rating ist a just 27 mpg, 2 mpg better than die three-cylinder Cooper All4 with in automatic and only 1 mpg much better than ns Cooper s All4. If you’re not diligent around plugging in, you’ll it is in filling nach oben frequently thanks to the hybrid’s small, 9.5-gallon tank.

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While the neu Countryman, together a whole, stands together a big step up over that is predecessor, the plug-in version zu sein a bit of a mishmash. Despite the fact the Mini prices it as die second-quickest Countryman in the steady after the racy john Cooper Works, it’s not as enjoyable kommen sie drive as the nonhybrid Cooper s model. Its generosity level of standard equipment method that if you’re not bei need of the sharpest-feeling huge Mini in the shed, and local EV sales incentives work bei your favor, it could be a way kommen sie save part money top top a well-trimmed Countryman. Plug it in religiously und have die right usage case, und you might save also more. Yet if ns goal is just zu throw approximately $40K hinweisen a klein crossover that’s a pleasure kommen sie drive, we’d point you toward die building that’s an extremely likely right next door to your regional Mini store. In case sie missed it, there’s a blue and white roundel over ns door.

LOWS: only 12 miles des electric range, wonky brake-pedal feel, notfall as dynamically financially rewarding as various other Minis.


2018 Mini Cooper S feige Countryman All4 PHEVVehicle type: front-engine, rear-motor, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door hatchback

PRICE as TESTED$39,700 (base price: $37,650)

ENGINE TYPEturbocharged und intercooled DOHC 12-valve inline-3, 134 hp, 122 lb-ft; permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor, 87 hp, 122 lb-ft; linked output, 221 hp, 284 lb-ft; 7.6-kWh lithium-ion battery pack

TRANSMISSIONS (F/R)6-speed automatic/1-speed direct drive

DIMENSIONSWheelbase: 105.1 inLength: 169.8 inWidth: 71.7 in Height: 61.4 inPassenger volume: 94 ft3Cargo volume: 17 ft3Curb weight: 3915 lb

C/D test RESULTSZero kommen sie 60 mph: 5.8 secZero to 100 mph: 21.2 secZero to 110 mph: 31.5 secRolling start, 5-60 mph: 6.4 secTop gear, 30-50 mph: 3.0 secTop gear, 50-70 mph: 4.0 secStanding ¼-mile: 14.6 sec
90 mphTop rate (drag limited): 121 mphBraking, 70-0 mph: 193 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.82 g

C/D FUEL ECONOMYObserved: 27 MPGe75-mph highway driving, EV/hybrid mode: 58 MPGe/30 mpgHighway range, EV/hybrid mode: 12/280 miles

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