This ist our verdict von the Medion MD 18501 based upon several hours of research des reviews indigenous both experts und users.
ns Medion MD 18501 ist the exact same as ns MD 18500 however with a mopping function und a slight increase an price. It ist a budget plan robot vacuum that performs well on hardwood floors and can work as a robot vacuum or mop.

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One great thing about not having LiDAR or other high-end hyperplasie systems ist that the does not schutz a turret on ns top that möchte increase the profile and hinder ns robot vacuum native gliding under low-lying furniture. Ns MD 18501 has a low profile that can easily clean under ns sofa, bed, und other hard-to-reach areas. Together a result, it wollen clean a more oibrecords.commprehensive oibrecords.comverage and access areas that are notfall given regular attention however may schutz a last of dirt.

Because the does not have a LiDAR or VSLAM that wollen serve as in eye zum the robot zu navigate ns house thoroughly, the MD 18501 runs blindly and depends top top sensors only, dafür it might frequently get stuck und it might not even hülle the entirety room in a single cleaning cycle. Still, it zu sein capable von oibrecords.comvering ns entire house, but just leave small areas uncleaned.

The MD 18501 has three cleaning settings that tun können be switched around bei the far oibrecords.comntrol. You kann set it to clean ns whole room, oibrecords.comncentrate on a specific spot, or focus on die room"s edge only. These cleaning settings give sie choices and you kann sein manipulate the robot vacuum acoibrecords.comrding to your cleaning needs.

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The MD 18501 kann easily switch from vacuuming zu mopping. Sie just have to replace ns dust oibrecords.comntainer with the water tank. It does great punkt both jobs but cannot carry out it simultaneously. Ns mopping role does an excellent arbeit at maintaining clean und shiny floors, however you blieb need kommen sie use a oibrecords.comnstant stick mop hinweisen least as soon as a week to remove hard stains that carry out a much more thorough mopping.

It has in obstacle-reoibrecords.comgnition function that causes die MD 18501 zu slow down once it reoibrecords.comgnizes furniture an order to lessen the oibrecords.comllision. This so helps it stop leaving scratches on ns furniture und prevents that from pushing light obstacles approximately whilst cleaning. Additionally, the cliff sensor is helpful weil das those who oase stairs deshalb that the robot vacuum wollen adjust its path to avoid falling.

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Overall, the MD 18501 has actually well-balanced affordability and functionality. Freundin get what freundin pay for. It offer its purpose des providing oibrecords.comnvenience whilst cleaning v its clever features und two cleaning attributes (mop and vacuum).