March for our lives germany

Protests calling zum gun control oase been held across die US, through solidarity marches so taking place around ns world. Die "March weil das Our Lives" movement began after February"s college shooting bei Florida.

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Student-led protests calling zum tighter controls on guns were organized across die US ~ above Saturday.

The rallies —taking ar under the banner "March zum Our Lives"— emerged after 17 human being were shoot dead von a gunman hinweisen a florida high school on February 14.

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The hauptsächlich march got underwaymidday in Washington, DC, if up zu 800 various other rallies to be planned across ns US top top Saturday. Numerous solidarity marches so took placein nations such as Germany, die United Kingdom, Franceand Switzerland.

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March zum Our lebt - uphill battle zum stricter pistol laws

Organizers at die Washington rally stated they hoped the it would match ns numbers seen at tonnage year"s women"s march, which was one des the largest protests an the US funding since ns anti-Vietnam war movement.

"If sie listen echt close, you tun können hear die people in powershaking," david Hogg, a survivor von the shoot atMarjory Stoneman Douglas High college (MSD) in Parkland, Florida, told ns crowd von protesters an Washington.

Hogg, that has arised as one of the leaders des the college student movement, added: "We will get rid von these windy servants who only care about die gun lobby."

The granddaughter des civil civil liberties leader Martin luther KingJr. Alsomade a rousing speech at die Washington rally. "My grand had a dream that his four little children will notfall be judged über the color von their skin but von the inhalt of their character," 9-year-old Yolanda Renee king told the roaring crowd. "I have a dream that enough ist enough. Und that this must be a gun-free world —period."


Martin luther King"s granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King, was joined on ns March zum Our lives stage an Washington DC by MSD shooting survivor Jaclyn Corin

The musicians Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus und Lin-Manuel Miranda, that wrote ns hit music "Hamilton," all performed on die stage set up an front von the us Capitol building.

In new York, tens des thousands organized a augenblicke of silence zu honor the tot before brunnen Hendler, a 16-year-old student fromMSD, read ns names des the 17 victims.

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Another MSD student,Meghan Bonner, told ns rally an New York: "There was deshalb much an ext that could have been done to prevent this. I want to seen change."

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Parkland shoot survivor: "If freundin take money from the NRA, you have chosen death!"

More than 20,000 people filled a park near MSD, wherein students chanted "enough zu sein enough" und held up signs with slogans such as "our ballots will stop bullets."

Protesters talkto"s michael Knigge was bei Washingtonfor therally. A14-year-old named Christopher from boston told er that that knew five world who had actually lost their lives to gun violence in the past year.

Dan, a 67-year-old from Virginia, said that he had protested against ns Vietnam war as a young man andcompared ns anti-war movement des the 1960s and "70s to ns struggle versus gun violence today. "In Vietnam, we shot hinweisen someone else; now we room shooting each other," he said, addingthat he hoped he wouldn"t schutz to come zurück for another march following year.

Becky, a 26-old-year Philadelphia native who now lives bei Washington, told "I bei der an overcome citizen. I had a bullet kommen sie through my window in my apartment not long ago."

Asked what must be done around gun violence, Becky said:"We oase to cut the funding kommen sie the national Rifle verband (NRA) off. I in sick and tired von the tolerance we have zum guns und gun violence in this country."

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Thousands marched before ns US embassy von the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin bei solidarity with the "March weil das Our Lives" rallies in the US

White house lauds zuerst Amendment rights; trumpf stays quiet

The White residence applauded "the many courageous young Americans exercising their erste Amendment rights" at Saturday"s gun regulate rallies.

White residence spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said "keeping our kids safe zu sein a top priority" des President donald Trump"s, adding that die administration waspushing Congress zu pass law that would expand background checks and supposedly boost school safety.

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Trump, meanwhile, had dafür far stayed silent on ns issueas the made his way to his Mar-a-Lago resort bei Florida zum the weekend.

Shortly after ns MSD shooting, ns president had indicated that he would be open to arming teachers as a way zu combat pistol violence in schools. That measure, however, has drawn a gewächs of rebuke.

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united state students ablehnen against total violence

Walk-outs across the nation

From Arizona to Washington DC, students schutz walked out von classrooms to protest gun violence after the deadly shooting punkt Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School bei Parkland, Florida. Seventeen students to be killed when a previous student go onto ns premises and opened fire using an AR-15 rifle.


united state students entgegenzusetzen against gun violence

Stop gun violence

Many of the students organized signs analysis "Never again" and "End gun violence." Teenagers punkt some des the schools called zum the AR-15 and similar attack rifles zu be banned weil das civilian use, speak they should be reserved zum the armed forces. Others called weil das stricter measures zu acquire arms. "Innocent people are dice because von the basic access to firearms bei this country," said one student.


united state students entgegenzusetzen against pistol violence

Demanding change

Over ns past decade, die US has witnessed several deadly massive shootings, including bei Las Vegas, Orlando and Sandy Hook. Many students view ns Parkland shooting as part des inaction von lawmakers zu curb access to guns. "They send out their thoughts und their prayers, und we evaluate that, yet that"s enough," said one student. "We require change."


us students protest against gun violence

Some educators not supportive

But notfall all educators to be supportive of the students. "Life is all about choices und every choice has a repercussion whether that be hopeful or negative," stated Superintendent Curtis Rhodes of Texas" Needville Independent institution District. "We wollen discipline no matter if it is one, 50 or 500 college student involved." ls/sms (AP, AFP)

Poll: Americans desire tighter total laws

A poll conducted von The relevant Press-NORC Center weil das Public affairs Research, published kommen sie coincidewith ns March zum Our leben rallies, found that69 percent des US citizen think gunlaws must be tightened.

That figure ist up native 61 percent who said ns same in 2016 and 55 percent when the survey was zuerst carried out in 2013.

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The poll deshalb showed that 90 percent von Democrats und 50 percent ofRepublicans favorstricter gun manage laws.

Voter it is registered activists signed hoch thousands des first-time voters attending the rallies with a see toejecting lawmakers that oppose pistol controls. Mid-term conference elections are kommen sie be held in eight months.

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US anti-gun march participant: "The problem involves everyone"

What has been excellent since the Parkland shooting?

In the aftermath von the shooting, florida passed a legislation raising the legal age zum purchasing rifles. The NRA go on zu sue the state, suggesting that ns measure was unconstitutional.

Trump originally said that supported elevating the minimales age weil das gun to buy but letztere backed far from the measure. The White residence explained the move, saying the president wanted zu focus on regulation that might get through Congress.

Several major companies have cut ties with die NRA in the aftermath of the shooting, including die US airlines United and Deltaand auto rental that company Hertz und Enterprise. Chains such as Walmart also announced the they would impose neu restrictions on total sales.

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The NRA shot zurück at the companies, accusing them in a statement of displaying a "shameful display von political und civic cowardice."

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How Germany handles guns

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