Lights Of The Seven

Spoilers space coming. Watch away jetzt if freundin haven’t viewed Game von Thrones season 8, illustration 5...

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The penultimate episode von Game von Thrones aired in the US belastung night, showcasing Daenerys’ wrath, as she rained fire on king’s Landing.

But before that, there was a moment when the show gave a wenig nod zu seasons past, together a acquainted tune über Ramin Djawadi played out amid ns battle scenes.

You may not have caught it yet there was a point, as Daenerys was busy torching ns Lannister army and breaking down the ramparts des King’s Landing, weist which die same succession that was used in the ‘Light des the Sevens’ design template – which made its debut in the season 6 letzte – played the end ahead des Cersei’s demise.

So what zu sein the significance von the theme bei season 8, episode 5? We define all...

Everyone's walk crazy zum Ramin Djawadi's Night king theme >

hinweisen first, Cersei is quietly confident as Daenerys und her army von the Unsullied, ns Dothraki und the phibìc arrive at King's Landing. Picture: HBO

Where does ns music appear an season 8, episode 5?

As Daenerys rides ~ above the back of Drogon, setup alight ns walls von King’s Landing, us cut to a shot des Cersei Lannister, together she the town hall on helplessly from ns Red Keep.

Cersei’s hand, Qyburn, comes into the room to inform produziert that the dragon has damaged all the Scorpions (the particularly designed, dragon-killing crossbows), und the iron Fleet has been delete everything out, in addition to the golden Company’s soldiers. Every they schutz left zu sein the Lannister soldiers.

Despite ns desperation von the situation, Cersei maintains: “They will verteidigung the Red Keep zu the last man. Ns Red Keep has never fallen, it won’t fall today.”

As she states this, that familiar cello succession starts pouring out, happen a solid sense von foreboding.

Cersei starts zu realise the danger she's in, as ns Red store starts wrong brick über brick. Picture: HBO

We climate switch to a scene of her little brother, Tyrion, together he enters the walls of King’s Landing, horrified über Daenerys’ actions. While ns cello part starts turn off slower 보다 what it does in the ‘Light des the Seven’, that starts quickening in pace, swelling und building into a deafening crescendo.

The music pauses dramatically, together the belastung of die Lannister military drops your swords bei defeat.

We then pan over ns terracotta roofs von King’s Landing (presumably kommen sie emphasise the there are a lot of people living within the fortress’ walls that room about zu be barbecued), to find Jaime advertise his way through die crowd in order to meet his pair sister one belastung time.

Cersei's pair brother Jaime struggled through ns crowds at King's Landing to reach his sister. Picture: HBO

Moments later, the Red Keep ist crumbling piece von piece, as Cersei, Qyburn and The hill descend the spiral staircase. Ser Gregor’s brother, ns Hound, then meets lock on your descent, in order to kill his larger sibling. Weil das the zuerst time ever, die Mountain ignores his queen’s command, before killing Qyburn to fight his brother. Die pair fight it the end as ns apocalyptic scenes play out around them.

Cersei managed to escape from ns Red Keep’s tower, und Jaime find her in the map room after he kills Euron Greyjoy. They take on as ns violin track trickles into the background. Jaime leads produziert into die underground passages in the hope of escaping. Wie they obtain there, lock discover die path has actually been blocked through rubble, und they die in each rather arms together their home wenn down ~ above them.

the belastung time we heard 'The Light des the Seven' was bei the season 6 finale of Game des Thrones. Picture: HBO

The ‘Light des the Seven’ theme an the season 6 finale

The tonnage time us heard the ‘Light of the Seven’ design template was in the dramatic season 6 finale, wie man Cersei trapped her rivals in the Sept and blew it trost using Wildfire.

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Waiting in the Sept were ns High Sparrow, Margaery Tyrell, her brother Loras, and their father Mace Tyrell.

After Loras renounced his ‘sins’ und was branded von the High Sparrows’ followers, Cersei was next zu face trial. But an true Cersei fashion, she had actually no intention von attending produziert trial, but, rather, stayed an the Red Keep throughout from die Sept, zu watch as die religious building went up an green flame.

Cersei go out up die Sept bei the season 6 finale, using Wildfire. Picture: HBO

Before this iconic Game des Thrones scene, however, there was a beautiful choreographed succession where die Sparrows to be shot from above. As they gracefully relocate across the floor des the Sept, die ‘Light von the Seven’ beginning playing, including a sense of urgency and impending doom.

Unlike various other Game von Thrones tracks, die ‘Light des the Seven’ zu sein mostly played on ns piano, which makes it all ns more harrowing.

During the whole thing, Cersei used die Mountain zu barricade her son Tommen in, who would otherwise schutz sought to help his doomed wife, Margaery, who was also in die Sept.

After witnessing the Sept blow up bei a substantial green explosion, könig Tommen gotten rid of his crown, put it on die table beside him und walked out von shot. Ns camera was ausblüten pointing to ns arched windows of the Red Keep, together Tommen returned, und threw self out ns window, plummeting zu his death. He was the last of Cersei’s children.

Cersei last surviving child, Tommen, eliminated himself ~ witnessing his mother's treachery. Picture: HBO

So why was it used again now?

The reality that nur producers david Benioff and D.B. Weiss chose to use the haunting music again now zu sein incredibly significant.

While there are slight transforms to ns piece, the key elements of the theme have gone unchanged. It ist purposely slower than ns original and sounds slightly much more dissonant, yet it foreshadows that bad things are ahead.

As we associate die heartbreaking tune with die mass murder in season 6, we already fear ns worst prior to Daenerys wipes out die entire city. We sense what she zu sein about kommen sie do and the harrowing music sets the scene.

It ist important it returns now, together we’re see a lot of imagery that zu sein similar zu that von the season 6 finale; there’s a deadly explosion, a mad Queen, innocent civilization are killed, and a significant building in King’s Landing crumbles to die ground.

Only time will tell what Queen Daenerys wollen do with her newfound power – und what the tonnage few contenders for the stole Throne möchte do, zum that matter.

When ist the Game of Thrones finale?

US viewers kann sein watch die Game von Thrones season 8 finale – aka, the last ever episode – ~ above Sunday 19 May hinweisen 9pm ~ above HBO.

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While UK viewers tun können pull an all-nighter zu watch the tonnage episode hinweisen 2am, lock can also stream it on jetzt TV die following day, or clock it on skies Atlantic from 9pm on Monday.