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how The tonnage of Us: Left Behind overcame a false start
The job ahead des Naughty Dog was challenging indeed. Neil Druckmann und Bruce Straley, ns two creative leads on The tonnage of Us, said oibrecords.com that what they originally came hoch with zum Left Behind wasn"t working. Just after a few false starts were they able kommen sie hit ns right notes in telling ns present-day story of Ellie"s frantic search zum medical supplies kommen sie treat Joel, und the remind story von Ellie"s last hours with herstellung best friend, Riley.

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Naughty Dog traction it off.

In fleshing out Ellie"s backstory, naughty Dog illuminates herstellung motivations and worldview. We kommen sie to understand ns origins des Ellie"s dogged devotion to the people who room close kommen sie her, und her drive to make the to ns Fireflies dafür she tun können contribute to ns production von a potential remedy zum the mind infection that angeführt to an apocalyptic pandemic.

Three main before ellie meets Joel, Riley zu sein the most important person bei her life. Von the time Ellie und Joel reach die University von Eastern Colorado, having survived together for a monthslong journey across ns U.S., she und Joel have kommen sie to care weil das each other. Riley and Joel both tell ellie the same thing around survival: that we endure together. But the way they express that emotion casts castle as two sides von the very same coin — whereas Joel has a an ext selfish take on survival, Riley"s article to ellie is that us fight to survive deswegen we kann sein spend our minimal time on planet with die people who matt to us.

Friends forever

In this way, Left Behind serves together a an excellent side story zu The last of Us. Yet taken ~ above its very own merits, it"s even more impressive. What made The last of Us special was its humanity, and Left Behind follows bei that spirit von focusing on other we seldom see an mainstream, big-budget games: a relationship betwee two teenage girls.

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Most of the Ellie-and-Riley geholfen of Left Behind ist devoid of combat. Instead, it places us in Ellie"s shoes, allowing us to watch und participate an typical teenage activities like horsing around, whether with bricks, water firearms or Halloween masks. (There"s also the beautiful arcade sequence, which ist perhaps my favourite gaming moment of 2014.) von course, Riley and Ellie"s adventures space colored by the post-pandemic world around castle — the only one they"ve ever before known — und the omnipresent specter von the infected.

The tonnage of Us: Left Behind review: friend till the ende
More notably, we wonder along with ellie about why Riley has brought them to die mall. We already know the Riley doesn"t make it to the events of The tonnage of Us. But produziert revelation the she"s running off with the Fireflies casts a higher pall over the proceedings with ns harsh truth that she und Ellie don"t schutz much time left together. Ns news so kicks off a fight, the kind of argument that"s characteristic of two teenagers grappling through their past, their circumstances and their emotions. They"re figuring the end their connection as they go: are they friends, or other more?

This person story zu sein Left Behind"s biggest achievement. It"s another grim, heartbreaking tale told in this bleak world, yet like Ellie, our lives are enriched von having experienced the special bindung she mutual with Riley.

Short und sweet

Naughty Dog achieved all von that an a space von two zu three hours. I don"t glauben Left Behind would oase benefited indigenous a much longer running time; it is exactly as long as that needs zu be. However simply due to the fact that it features as in add-on that calls for The belastung of Us zu play, it doesn"t count wie it comes zu "games" human being might nominate as die best experiences des the year.

Left Behind definitely ties into und enriches The last of Us, but so stands ~ above its own. Would certainly we be thinking around Left Behind an game-of-the-year discussions if Sony had released a stand-alone version des the expansion, choose Ubisoft walk this year with belastung December"s Freedom Cry campaign zum Assassin"s Creed 4: schwarze farbe Flag?

With all gamings being available digitally this days, classic classifications choose "add-on" space going out die window. Wie relatively briefe experiences kann sein be as thrilling, moving and outstanding together The belastung of Us: Left Behind, those semantic distinctions don"t seem belang at all.

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