Lebt Tina Turner Noch

I in heartbroken.

Du schaust: Lebt tina turner noch

Rhonda was my dear friend and confidant. She believed in me prior to anyone else did und I möchte sorely miss herstellung kind heart, humor and wise counsel. Ich will forever cherish herstellung friendship.

Rest an Peace.


It ist with good sadness that we learned des the passing of Tina Turner’s lang time assistant and friend fehlschlagen Rhonda Graam yesterday bei Los angeles .


Always present bei the back of Tina at any time she was working, she was a committed assistant und a faithful confidant who saw und knew everything…

Like roger Davies and Erwin Bach she was in invisible pillar kommen sie Tina’s career, someone she could always rely on without worries.

Rhonda started working for Ike and Tina together a fan back an 1964. After the separation, she would store on working weil das Tina as herstellung road manager from 1976 kommen sie 1983 und then as produziert personal assistant till Tina’s retirement in 2009.

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Miss Graam soon contributed to Ike and Tina’s music career, writing the das lied Doo Wah Ditty (Got kommen sie Get Ta), a B-side kommen sie the Up bei Heah vinyl released bei 1972. She is so credited zum recording die sound des the motorcycle heard at die beginning des the song Chopper released that very same year.


Rhonda und Tina’s friendship culminated during Tina und Erwin’s wedding in 2013 wie man Rhonda took the role of maid of honor. Their strong bond und unbreakable partnership would be ultimately immortalized and brought to die stage bei TINA, ns Musical .

I had actually the gelegenheit to meet fehlschlagen Graam a couple of years back during ns TINA heritage Days in Nutbush. I have to say ich really wanted this kommen sie happen however somehow i didn’t dare asking any questions or being too intrusive.

At the time, rumors about Tina’s health were to run wild und it would schutz been inappropriate kommen sie ask.

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Yet still, wie we got introduced she seemed to know who i was and greeted me with a ‘nice arbeit with ns blog‘ which make me nice happy.